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A Coy Decoy (1941)

Characters on book covers come to life, including Porky and Daffy. The "Wolf of Wall Street" chases Daffy through "The Hurricane," "The Storm" and across "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" before expiring in "For Whom the Bell Tolls."

A Crime to Fit the Punishment

In 1956, during the height of the Cold War and despite severe pressure from McCarthy ravaged Hollywood and the U.S. government, blacklisted filmmakers joined together to create the controversial pro-union semi-documentary Salt of the earth. This film investigates the background and political atmosphere surrounding the film's production through interviews with the film producer Paul Jarrico and actors, newsreels from the '50s, and clips from the film. 1992. 46 min.

A Crisis in Human Rights: Genocide in Darfur and Beyond

Focusing on the crisis in Darfur, the speakers will offer a comprehensive view of how and why a conflict evolves into a full-fledged genocide. The Darfur genocide has involved not just the outright immediate killing of people, but also the creation of conditions that have made life impossible by chasing people out into the desert and destroying their homes, villages, food supplies and livelihoods. Speakers will present eyewitness accounts of events on the ground in Darfur as well as academic research into conflict and peace within and between nations.
Featured panelists: Shane Bauer is a current undergraduate student in UCB's Peace and Conflict Studies Department. Martha Saavedra is the Associate Director of the UC Berkeley Center for African Studies, an interdisciplinary research center supporting basic research on Africa. Her research includes agrarian politics and ethnic conflict in Sudan. David Tuller is a doctoral student in the School of Public Health and has a special interest in looking at public health through a human rights lens. He investigated some of Darfur's mass atrocities as part of a team from Physicians for Human Rights in 2005. April 12, 2007. View it with RealPlayer

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A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

A documentary film that debunks the conventional wisdom that oil production will continue to climb, and instead stares bleakly at a planet facing economic meltdown and conflict over its most valuable resource. "Our civilization's addiction to oil puts it on a collision course with disaster .. the film visits with the world's top experts and comes to a startling but logical conclusion--our industrial society, built of cheap and readily available oil, must be competely re-imagined and overhauled. The world's oil supplies are peaking and the crisis of global shortage looms, we are running out of oil and we don't have a plan." Contents: Precious and non-renewable -- We use it for everything! -- From boom to bust -- A magnet for war -- The numbers don't add up -- Peaking out -- An insatiable demand -- The end of the American Dream -- Technology to the rescue? -- Life after the peak. Special features (93 min.): "Petrostates" bonus chapter (4 min.); theatrical trailer (2 min.); additional interviews with Colin Campbell (20 min.), Matthew Simmons (25 min.), Fadhil Chalabi (24 min.), David L. Goodstein (18 min.). Produced and directed by Basil Gelpke & Ray McCormack. 2006. 83 min.

American Library Association Video Round Table: Notable Videos for Adults

A Crude Impact

As the worldwide dependence on oil continues to grow, what does it mean for our world? Journeying from the West African Delta to the Amazon rainforest, from Washington to Shanghai, from early man to the unknown future, Crude Impact unravels the complex entanglement of a fierce devotion to oil with the fate of indigenous cultures, human rights, our global economy and the planet itself. Fueled by discovery, outrage, humor and ultimately hope, the film offers an inspirational vision for change. Directed and written by James Jandak Wood. 2006. 200 min.

A Day in San Francisco.

An impressionistic documentary that traces the adventures and misadventures of three Korean students in San Francisco. Produced by students enrolled in Film 28A (Introduction to documentary film) in Spring 2005, at the University of California, Berkeley, Film Studies Program. 16 min.

A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip In Hell.

In 1941 a Wehrmacht Sergeant celebrated his 43rd birthday by illegally photographing inside the Warsaw Ghetto. The photographs were hidden for over forty years, until he knew he was dying. The filmmaker has done a masterful job in combining the pictures with readings from ghetto diaries, Yiddish songs, and klezmer music. A film by Jack Kuper. 30 min.
web web sites:Description from Filmakers Library catalog

A Day in Warsaw

Originally produced as a motion picture by Sektor Films, Warsaw, Poland, 1938. Restored version copyrighted in 1990. A documentary portrayal of Warsaw, Poland in 1938, emphasizing the buildings, institutions and neighborhoods associated with the 400,000 Jews living in Warsaw at that time. In Yiddish with English subtitles. Dist.: National Center for Jewish Film. 10 min.View this video online
Stephen Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

A Day on the Bay.

Documentary on Italian fishermen immigrants from Riva Trigoso, Italy and their descendants in Santa Cruz, Calif. 1987. 27 min.

A Day to Remember: August 28,1963.

Focuses on the civil rights demonstration in Washington, D.C. led by Martin Luther King. 29 min. [preservation copy];

A Day Without a Mexican (USA / Mexico / Spain, 2004)

Directed by Sergio Arau. Cast: Yarelli Arizmendi, John Getz, Maureen Flannigan, Muse Watson, Fernando Arau, Eduardo Palomo. California awakens one day to discover that one third of its population has vanished. A peculiar pink fog surrounds the state and communication outside its boundaries has completely shut down. As the day progresses, it becomes apparent the sole characteristic linking the missing 14 million is their Hispanic heritage. Special features: the making-of 'A day without a Mexican'; filmmaker commentary; music video "Frijoleros" by Molatov; outtakes; music video "Sin decir adios" by Los Yoguis; the original short that inspired the film; original theatrical trailers & TV spots. Based on "A day without a Mexican, a mockumentary" by Yarelli Arizmendi and Sergio Arau. 95 min. Online Access through LFLFC.  Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Reviews and articles:
Marambio, John L.; Tew, Chad. "Clash in Paradise: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of A Day Without a Mexican." The Journal of American Culture. Dec 2006. Vol. 29, Iss. 4; p. 475 (18 pages) Full-text of this article / review is available: UCB users only
Slaughter, Stephany. "(In)visibilities, (De)humanizations and Globalizations: The Migrant Body in Border Film of the 2000s." FIAR: Forum for Inter-American Research; Jul 2010, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p93-123, 30p Full-text of this article / review is available


A Delicate Balance

Directed by Tony Richardson (USA | Canada | UK, 1973)

A Different Kind of Black Man: On Being Gay...

Interviews with successful, black gay men about their ideas and feelings on such issues as sexuality, masculinity and their perception of and their role within the black community. 2001. 19 min.

A Different World, Poland's Jews, 1919-1943 (Struggles for Poland; 3).

Documents through archival films, stills, interviews and readings the once flourishing and dynamic community of Polish Jews, and the events leading up to the Holocaust. Focuses on ghetto leaders, the Treaty for Protection of Minority Rights and the rise of European facism. 58 min. pt. 3

A Divina Comédia (Divine Comedy) (Portugal / France / Switzerland, 1991)

Directed by Manoel de Oliveira. Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Miguel Guilherme, Luis Miguel Cintra, Mario Viegas, Leonor Silveira, Diogo Doria, Paulo Matos, Jose Wallenstein, Ruy Furtado, Carlos Gomes, Maria Joao Pires. In this symbolic film, all of the inhabitants of a Portuguese mental asylum suffer from religious delusions of one kind or another -- even the cynic who denies the value of any religions at all. One couple re-enacts the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden, a woman plays at being St. Teresa de Avila while another man thinks he's a character from a Dostoyevsky novel, and yet another claims to have in his possession a fifth gospel from the Bible. Each has a special message to impart about the meaning of life and religion. 136 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Dog Called Pain (The Artist and His Model) (Un perro llamado Dolor (el artista y su modelo))(Spain, 2001)

Directed by Luis Eduardo Aute. Animated feature. In this animated thinkpiece Frida Kahlo's dog, Dolor, is the conductive thread for a series of black-and-white animated portraits that explore the relationships between several eccentric artists and their models. 90 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Dog's Life (1918)

Directed by Charlie Chaplin. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Tom Wilson, Sidney Chaplin, Albert Austin . "Poor Charlie lives in a vacant lot. He tries to get a job but when he gets to the head of the employment line the jobs are gone. Back "home" he rescues Scraps, a bitch being attacked by other strays. Together they manage to steal some sausages from a lunch wagon. They enter a dance hall where Edna is a singer and unwilling companion to the clientele. He is thrown out when he can't pay. Back "home" Scraps digs up a money-filled wallet buried by crooks. They return to the dance hall to find Edna fired. The wallet goes back and forth between Charlie and the crooks. Charlie, Edna and Scraps end up very happily." [IMDB] ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Dream in Doubt

After several of his friends and family members become victims of hate crimes in the weeks after 9/11, Sikh immigrant Rana Singh Sodhi attempts to organize and educate his community in hopes of preventing further violence. Director/producer, Tami R. Yeager. 2007. 56 min.
Related web sites: Description from Center for Asian American Media catalog

A Drug Called Pornography.

Takes a detailed look at the negative side-effects to the use of pornography: addiction to pornography, sex mis-education, desensitization, conditioning and acting out. The film also explores adrenaline junkies and drug users to help explain how it is possible to become physically addicted to pornography. Includes candid interviews with pornography users, convicted sex offenders describing the influence of pornography on their behavior, survivors of sexual abuse, experts and authors who investigate pornographic issues. 2000. 58 min.

A Drunkard's Reformation. (1909)

Directed by D.W. Griffith. "A drinking man arrives home, late and sozzled as usual. His wife reminds him that he promised to take their child to a play. The play proves to be a morality tale about the evils of drink; he sees the parallels in his own life and swears off the demon brew." [Internet Movie Database] VHS copy 2: 999:593 Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Reviews and articles: Gunning, Tom. "From the Opium Den to the Theater of Morality: Moral Discourse and the Film Process in Early American Cinema." In: The silent cinema reader / edited by Lee Grieveson and Peter Krämer. London ; New York : Routledge, 2004. (Main (Gardner) Stacks; PFA PN1995.75 .S547 2004) Smith, Diane; Singer, Robert. "A drunkard's representation: the appropriation of naturalism in D.W. Griffith's Biograph films." Griffithiana: Journal of Film History; May 1999, Issue 65, p97, 15p