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40 qm Deutschland (Turkey / West Germany, 1986)

Director, Tevfik Baser. The tale of a young Turkish woman who, after an arranged marriage, follows her much older husband to Hamburg, where he had been working for some time. Instead of allowing his wife to experience for herself life in this German city, the husband anxiously shields her from any contact with the host culture and keeps her a prisoner in their apartment. PAL format. In Turkish with German subtitles. 76 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

40 years of the Documenta

Presents 2 segments from a German television news magazine. Part 1 visits the exhibition "Documenta" considered to be the most important forum for contemporary art and takes a retrospective look at previous Documenta exhibitions which began in 1955. Part 2 visits the current 1997 "Documenta X" exhibition. 1997. 27 min.

40,000 Years of Dreaming, A Century of Australian Cinema

George Miller's vivid study of Australian cinema forges a link between the high-tech narratives of filmmaking and the ancient Aboriginal creation myth of "The dreaming." The film explores an extraordinary national cinema, born at the outset of the century, but barely noticed internationally until the 1970s. 1997.

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41 Days: An Unfinished Documentary Film

The title refers to the 41 day "power outage" in Berkeley, California during the time that city's voter approved ban on electroshock was in effect. The film documents the earlier days of the movement for human rights and against psychiatric oppression, and includes interviews with activists and footage from demonstrations. Produced, directed, edited and narrated by Richard Cohen. 1998. 52 min.

42nd Annual Clio Awards, 2001

This program captures 2001's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio awards for television commercials.Entries include Budweiser's 'What are you doing?' and 'Whassup Wasabi,' Reebok's 'The blob,' Toyota Tacoma's'Family reunion,' Ford trucks' 'Fight club,' Samsonite luggage's 'Bomb squad,' Timex's 'Kung Fu,'IBM's 'Recording session,' Compaq's 'Web,' Los Angeles Dodger's 'Giant loser,' Game Show Network's 'Botulism,' Partnership for a Drug Free America's 'Music,' The New York times' 'Tornado,' San Francisco Jazz Festival's 'Low riders,' Sony Play station's 'PS9,' and Florida Department of Health's 'Secrets.' 2001. 130 min. 41th Clio Awards, 2000 [Anniversary Reel]Levis (2 adds), Budweiser beer (5), Bud Light, Guinness beer (2), Toyota (2), Volkswagen, Lexus(2), Sylvester, E-trade, NOW Magazine, Times of India, Saint John Ambulance, Florida anti-tobacco, Preparation H, Kirin beer, New Balance shoes, Nike (4), Lipton tea, Milk chocolate (2), Whiskas cat food, Airtel mobile, Tulipan condoms, Bic shavers, Budget rent-a-car, British Airways, Kuoni Reisen, Ecampus.com, OnHealth.com, Stamps.com, Amazon.com (2), MTV Networks (2). The Clio Awards, 2000This program brings together all of the gold, silver, and bronze winners of the Clio Awards in advertising for 2000. Drawn from categories ranging from National Campaign to public service, cinematography to musicand animation to visual effects, award-winners include Starbucks' "Good morning to you, too," Levi's" Invisible man," Nike's "The morning after," Fatboy Slim's "Praise you," Amazon.com's "Tons softoys," Pepsi's "Play acting," and Sega's "Apocalypse." 2000. 88 min. The Clio Awards, 1999 [40th Anniversary Reel]Part 1: This special 40th anniversary reel showcases award winning commercials from around the globe from the late 1950's through the '70s. Contents: Muriel cigars, Hamm's beer, Alka Seltzer (3 adds), Black Label beer, Timex, Harpo, Pepsodent, Clairol hair color, Mr. Clean, Maxwell House coffee, Kodak (3), Van Heusen shirts, Volkswagen (2), Jamaica travel, Mennen aftershave, Levys bread, Cracker Jacks, Chevrolet, Mustang automobile, Campbell's soups, Salada tea, -Noxzema shaving cream, Benson & Hedges cigarettes, Urban America, Inc., American Motors Rebel, Qantas Airlines, Prince spigetti, Olive soap (Japan), American Tourister luggage, Sunday Times (Gt. Brit.), Coca Cola (2), MacDonalds, Keep America Beautiful, Vitalis (Mohamed Ali), Tryggo Hansa Insurance, Scholl foot spray, Life cereal, Southern Airlines, Bandaids, Cinzano wine, Visa, BASF, Fiat, Federal Express-G.E., Dr. Pepper, Sanyo, Cockburns beer. 60 min. Part 2: This special 40th anniversary reel showcases award winning commercials from around the globe from the 1980s and '90's, Contents: Wendy's hamburgers, National light bulbs (2 adds, Japan), IBM computers, Dr. Pepper, Pils beer (H. Bogart), National batteries (Japan), British Airways, Apple Computers, Bud Light, Sony TV, California raisins, Hamlet cigars, Volvo (2), Du Pont, Diet Pepsi (Michael J. Fox), Levi jeans (3), Energizer bunny, -Penn tennis balls, Timex, Pentel, Banco do Brazil, Honda Accord, U.S. Health Care, Carling Black label beer, Apples, Pepsi (3), Lexus, Milk, "Don't drink and drive" (2), Sony, Coca cola (2), Visa gold, Braathens safe (Norway), Jeep, Norwegian Cruise lines, "Got milk?, Budweiser frogs, Shellton Mosquite repellant (Italy), Time foto, Nike shoes (5), Pioneer stereo, Japp candy (Jamaica), Caesar's pizza, No-smoking add, Pistachio nuts, Nissan cup noodle, Alka-Seltzer, Miller beer, Sonics basketball-Weather channel, Super noodles, Animal placement, Fox TV channel. 60 min. The Clio Awards, 1988Presents winners of the 1988 Clio awards for best national and international television/cinema advertising. 60 min.

43rd Annual Clio Awards, 2002

This program presents the 2002 winners of the gold,silver, and bronze Clio awards. Entries includePepsi's 'Beckham,' Visa's 'Dining out,' Blockbuster's 'Carl and Ray--Kung Fu,' Budweiser's 'Mr. ProWrestling Wardrobe Designer,' Nike's 'Freestyle,'Toyota Corolla's 'School,' AT&T's 'I'm okay,'Neutrogena Skincare's 'Glasses,' Audi A3's 'Babysitter,' Sylvania Lighting's 'Old man,' Heinekin USA's 'Birthof a sign,' Sealy Mattress's 'Boy,' Volkswagen of America's 'Ransom,' Bright Dairys' 'Football,' FloridaDepartment of Health's 'Language class (Swahili),'Feeding Children Better's 'Ketchup soup,' and the National Safety Council's 'Damage.' 129 min.

44th Annual Clio Awards, 2003

Presents the 2003 winners of the gold, silver and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include FedEx's "Desert island,"Microsoft X-Box's "Eartennis," BMW of North America's "Ticker" and "Beat the devil," Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser's "Cards," Sci-Fi Channel's "Tattoo man," Hacks Candy's "Samjurai, "Sealect Tuna's "Buffet," Saturn's "Sheet metal," NokiaMedia Master's "Tennis," Glidden Paints' "Margarita, "Sears Roebuck's "Prodigal son," Philips Batteries""Alarm clock," Volkswagen of America's "Squares," BT Broadband's "Burst pipe," Ontario Lottery and Gaming's "Stairs," and Pediatricians Against Child Abuse's "Oldman." 142 min.

45/85: America and the World Since World War II

v. 1. From the jubilation of V-J day to the shocking Rosenberg Trial, 1945-1952 -- v. 2. From the invention of television to the first steps in space, 1953-1960 -- v. 3. From the Kennedy era to the final U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, 1961-1975 -- v. 4. From America's bicentennial celebration to the Geneva summit, 1976-1985. 213 min.

45th Annual Clio Awards, 2004

Presents the 2004 winners of the gold, silver and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Nike's "Gamebreakers," NASCAR's "Rear-Ended," CBS sports' "Drive Thru," Sony's "Gravity Bomb,", Pepsi's "Wounded", Toyota's "Party Dress", Apple's "Hip-Hop", Hewlett Packard's "Il Postino" MasterCard's "I Can't Believe it, Buddy!" Visa's "Monster Chase," Delta Airlines' "The Stumbler," Heineken's "USA/Sue," Anheuser Busch's "Genius/Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer," Miller Brewing Company's "Dominoes," PBS's "Puppets," the UN/Ad Council's "School," and the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust's "Thomas" and "Thomas Returns". 144 min.

46th Annual Clio Awards, 2005

Disc 1. Introduction -- Gold and silver winners. -- disc 2. Bronze winners. -- disc 3. Bronze winners continued. This program revisits 2005's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Nike's "Evolution," "Shoxploitation," and "Scary House;" Volkswagen's "Time;" Wanadoo's "The Chase;" Adidas' "Improvisation;" Labatt-Bud Light's "Cuppa;" Toyota Prius's "Donkey;" Stella's "Pilot;" Ford Ranger Opencab's "King Kong;" Bud Light's "Sky Diver;" and Miller Lite's "Victims." 120 min.

47th Annual Clio Awards, 2006

Disc 1. Introduction -- Gold and silver winners. -- Disc 2. Bronze winners. This program documents 2006's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Honda's "Impossible Dream" and "Dreams," Microsoft Xbox 360's "Water Balloons," Nike Free's "Reincarnate," Rexona's "Stunt City," MTV Networks' "Beatbox Family," Snickers' "Bald," Vodafone's "Mayfly," AOL's "Bad," Volkswagen Polo's "Angel's Day Off," Olympus Europe's "Red-Eyed Baby," Toyota Camry's "Knives," GE's "Ecomagination," Amnesty International's "Candle," and Gun-Free Society's "Children." 120 min.

48 Hours (1982)

Directed by Walter Hill. Cast: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole, Frank McRae, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, Sonny Landham. Nolte is a rough-edged cop after two vicious copkillers. He can't do it without the help of smooth and dapper Murphy, who is serving time for a half-million dollar robbery. This unlikely partnership trades laughs as often as punches as both pursue their separate goals: Nolte wants the villians; Murphy wants money. 97 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

48th Annual Clio Awards, 2007: Gold and Silver Winners.

"Heart to Heart," Honda's "Brand New," Camelot Lottery's "Bag of Smiles," Coca-Cola's "Video Game," Reale Mutua's "The Family," Skittles' "Leak," Nike Air Max's "Defy," Altoids' "Fruit Pants," BBC Radio 2's "Elvis," Minority Forum's "Black Soccer Star," Axe Dry's "Mother Hen," Volkswagen's "Like," Propel Fitness Water's "Stress Monster," Nokia's "Jeans," Guinness' "Hands," Johnny Walker's "Human," National Breast Cancer Center's "Finding Changes," and AIDS Awareness PSA "Sugar Baby Love." 96 min.

49th Annual Clio Awards (2008)

Disc 1. Gold and silver winners (82 min.) -- disc 2. Bronze winners (52 min.). This program enumerates 2008's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include: Hydro Oil and Energy "Train", Freixenet "The Key to Reserva", Absolut "Protest", Concert Hall Dortmund "Symphony in red", ASICS "Origami", Monster.com "Daybreak" and "Legs", Toyota "Earth's greatest Four-wheel drive", Nike Cricket "Traffic", Louis Vuitton "A journey", Sony Walkman "Music pieces", Iberia "Snap", Microsoft Xbox "Diorama" and "Making of John-117 monument", EPURON "Power of wind", Skoda Fabia "Cake", Volkswagen Golf "Night drive", Volkswagen Touareg "Keep it clean", and nearly 100 others.

5 Girls

Follows five young teenage girls going to schools in Chicago. Looks at their family life, their behavior at home and school, and their friendships and other relationships. 2001. 113 min.

500 Anos Descrubriendo a Venezuela.

Contents: Venezuela: 500 anos en el mapa (15 min.) -- Venezuela, Vale la pena probarla! (9 min.). The first film consists of a compilation of scenes from various motion pictures filmed in Venezuela. The second film follows filmmakers as they traverse rural and city areas of Venezuala to create a travelogue. 1998.

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50th Annual Clio Awards (2009)

This program brings together 2009's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include "Aaron Burr" (California Milk Processor Board), "Announcement" (Carlsberg Lager), "Brother of the Bride" (Hallmark), "Dance" (T-Mobile), "Eyebrows" (Cadbury's Dairy Milk), "Fight" (Volkswagen Golf), "Heist" (Coca-Cola), "Love at First Flight" (Virgin Atlantic 25 Years), "Penguins" (BBC iPlayer), "Presence" (Mercedes-Benz), "Sea Orchestra" (United Airlines), "Soap" (Wego), "This Is Your Final Wake-Up Call" (Nike), "Unboxed" (Audi Q5), "Walk for Safe Sex" (Trojan Condoms), and many more. Disc 1. Gold and silver winners (56 min.) -- Disc 2. Bronze winners (53 min.).

50th year Commemoration of Japanese American Internment

The chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, Chang-Lin Tien, and Jesse Jackson expound upon the Japanese-American internment experience and the need to eradicate such prejudices from our society which spawned the enactment of "Executive order 9066". This forum reviews the internment experience, draws upon the lessons learned by the nation and seeks to promote better racial harmony in the present day. This event took place on February 18, 1992, at Pauley Ballroom, University of California, Berkeley. 103 min. ; vhs

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51th Annual Clio Awards (2010)

This program captures 2010's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include "America" (Levi's), "Bring it to Life" (Draught Guinnes), "Child Pornography" (ECPAT), "DJ Hero" (Activision/Freestyle Games), "Every Team Needs 'The Spark'" (Adidas), "Field Generals" (Nike), "Focus Group" (Nokia), "Gym" and "Model" (MTV), "Lost Barrel" (Jameson Whiskey), "Memories" (Barnardo's Children's Charity), "Minimalism" (MINI), "Plant" (Skittles), "Reading" (Viagra), "Re-ignition" (Cadillac), "Rising" (Pepsi), "Teddy Bear Chase" (HBO), "Time Traveler" and "Customer Care" (Apple), "Winter Olympics" (BGC), and many more. 116 min.