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Black Civil Rights Films

Contents: Integration report, Part one / producer, Madeline Anderson (1960, 20 min.) -- Poverty in rural America / National Audiovisual Center (1965, 28 min.) -- What about prejudice? / Centron Corporation (1959, 12 min.).
Integration report, Part one: Madeline Anderson's documentary on the use of organized resistance as a force of social change in Montgomery, Alabama, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C. Features 1959 and 1960 footage of demonstrations, marches, sit-ins and boycotts. Poverty in rural America: A Great Society era film depicting the real problems of the poor in rural America in general while demonstrating a palpable reticence to directly address the issue of race in particular. What about prejudice? Centron Corporation's exposition of what life is like for a minority schoolboy in the midst of a socity at odds with him and his heroic actions that make his white schoolmates question their prejudices and hatreds.