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Black Anthology Cartoons. Vol. 2 (1930's)

Contents: The old house (1936, 10 min.) -- Bosko'sEaster eggs (1937, 8 min.) -- Bosko and the pirates(1937, 8 min.) -- Bosko and the cannibals (1937, 10min.) -- Bosko in Bagdad (1938, 10 min.) -- Bosko thedoughboy (1931, 7 min.) -- Old anything (1931, 6 min.).A collection of seven stereotypical cartoons ofAfro-Americans produced in the 1930s starring WarnerBros.' first cartoon star, Bosko. Created by HughHarman and Rudolf Ising he was featured from 1929-1933.
The Old house: Classic haunted houseadventure with Bosko, Bruno (dog) and his honey, Honey.Bosko's Easter eggs: Bruno breaks the eggs Boskowuz deliverin ta Honey. Bosko and the pirates:Boskos' imagination ends him up on a frog pirate shipwhere the pirate frogs try ta git Boskos' cookies.Captain Frog makes Bosko walk the plank...or...that israther...tap dance the plank. Bosko and thecannibals: Boskos' imagination puts him in a junglefull of cannibal cookie eating frogs that try to gethis cookies. Bosko in Bagdad: "Who dat" sequencegets Bosko a flying carpet that whisks him and thegenie Frog to Bagdad. The Bagdad frogs tempt Bosko withtap dancing, watermellons and castor oil to get hiscookies. Bosko the Doughboy: Pre-MGM Bosko.Bosko is bored with the war until the enemy shootsBoskos' photo of Honey. Then he goes into action withviolent results. Old anything: Bosko builds abuilding with the help of some Mickey Mouse clones.During the construction there are detached heads, ears,stomachs, etc. 60 min.