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Black Anthology Cartoons. Vol. 1 (1937-1947)

Contents: Uncle Tom's cabana (1947, 9 min.) -- UncleTom's bungalow (1937, 8 min.) -- Eliza on ice (1944, 6min.) -- It happened to Caruso (1938, 7 min.) -- Vodoo inHarlem (1938, 7 min.) -- Popeye ala mode (1945, 7 min.) --Swing wedding (1937, 8 min.) A collection of sevenstereotypical cartoons of Afro-Americans produced in the'30's and '40's. Includes parodies of Harriet BeecherStowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin and of Jack Benny withappearances by cartoon characters Mighty Mouse, Popeye andBosko.Uncle Tom's Cabana: Uncle Tom went from cabin tocabana to ward off the mortage. Little Eva (now grown up)saves Tom's cabin with her singing and seductive sexiness.Uncle Tom's bungalow: Topsy and Little Eva buy UncleTom from Simon Legree's Used Slave Co., but can't keep upthe payments. Topsy and Eva do a color switch underLegree's whip as Eliza saves the day. Eliza on ice:Uncle Tom starts the race with Simon Legree chasing Eliza.Mighty Mouse rescues Eliza. It happened to Caruso:Weschester, the vegitarian cannibal, becomes RobinsonCaruso's Man Friday (Jack Benny's cloned voice). Carusokills a tiger with his violining. Vodoo in Harlem:Cannibals singing after hours in Walter Lantz's animationstudio. Popeye ala mode: Popeye checks into acannibal hotel, but has trouble checking out as thecannibals have Popeye over for dinner..err..as dinner.Swing wedding: Lots of jazz and Cab Calloway musicdone by Frogs right out of MGM's Bosko cartoons. 60 min.