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Bigot Songs [Sound recording]

Songs of bigotry and racial prejudice recorded in the United States between 1896 and 1919. Contents: 1896: All Coons look alike to me -- Darkies temptation -- 1898: Chin Chin Chinaman -- 1900: Coon band contest -- 1901: Every darky had a raglan on -- My little zulu -- The phrenologist coon -- Coon, coon, coon --Medley of plantation songs -- Minstrels, Pt. 1 -- Hu-la hu-la cake walk -- 1902: It was the Dutch -- Mick that sent the pick -- Loo Loo-oo, my dusky loo -- 1903: It takes the Irish to beat the Dutch -- Hiawatha -- Coon wedding in So. Ga. -- I'm getting quite American, Don't you know -- Parody on 'Hiawatha' -- 1904: Navajo -- Old Black Joe -- Hebrew vaudeville -- Georgia minstrels -- California minstrels -- Darkies' awakening -- 1905: Me an' de minstrel band -- My Irish maid -- There's a dark man coming with a bundle -- New parsons at the Darktown Church -- It's allus de same in Dixie -- Coon band contest -- Heinie. 1906: Cheyenne (Shy Ann) -- Original Cohens -- Happy German twins -- 1907: If the man in the moon were a coon -- Bullfrog and the coon -- 1908: Down in the jungle -- Old Black Joe -- Over on the Jersey side -- Heinie waltzed round on his hickory limb -- 1909: An Irish-Dutch argument -- Flanagan at the vocal teacher's -- 1910: Oh, how that German could love! -- 1915: Old Black Joe -- 1916: My dreamy China lady -- 1917: Mammy's little coal black Rose -- 1918: Dark town strutter's ball -- Oriental 112 -- Colored recruits -- 1919: O death, where is thy sting? -- [No date]: Ghost of the banjo coon -- Preacher and the bear -- Eve cost Adam just one bone -- Turkey in de straw -- Here's my friend -- Bake dat chicken pie -- When that little yellow fellow plays piano -- Little Alabama coon -- Positively Mr. Gallagher, absolutley Mr. Sheehan -- Having the liar's contest -- High tone mama -- Two black crows -- Short stories by Frank Bush (Ethnic jokes) -- Pickaninny's paradise -- Argentines, the portuguese and the Greeks -- I got mine -- Run nigger run. Performers: Len Spencer, S. H. Dudley, James T. Powers, Arthur Collins, Byron G. Harlan, Bert Williams, Edward Favor, Billy Murray, Harry Macdonough, Ada Jones, Steve Porter, Ed Gallagher, Frank Bush, the Sousa Band, Duncan Sisters, Skillet Lickers.