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Beslan: Siege of School no. 1

This Wide Angle report investigates the terrorism at the Beslan school where Checknya insurgents took children, parents and teachers hostage in the bloodiest act of terrorism in Russia since Chechnya declared its independence. Based on firsthand testimony and rare footage from inside the school, Beslan explores the motivation of the hostage-takers, the Russian government's failed effort to manage the crisis, and the calamity's legacy for survivors, bereaved families, and Russia's future stability. In addition, Bill Moyers speaks with The Washington Post?s Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, co-authors of Kremlin Rising, about their actions on that tragic day and their views on the broader context of the incident. Episode originally broadcast on the television program Wide angle on Tuesday, July 12, 2005. Dist: Films Media Group. 57 min.

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