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Animated Soviet Propaganda: Onward to the Shining Future.

Soviet film studios worked hard to portray their government's system as idyllic and forward-looking. This program showcases animated films designed to promote that utopian vision. Soviet Toys, the earliest known example of Soviet animation, condemns Lenin's New Economic Policy; The Victorious Destination celebrates the achievements of Stalin's first five-year plan; Samoyed Boy praises the Soviet educational system and the casting-off of antiquated traditions; and Hot Stone, Little Organ, and Songs of the Fire Years rejoice over the passing of Czarist imperialism and the establishment of a new, benevolent society. Forward march, time! -- Soviet toys -- Samoyed boy -- The music box (Little organ) -- Lenin's Kino Pravda -- Join the collective -- Victorious destination -- War chronicle -- A hot stone -- Songs of the years of fire (Songs of the fire years) -- Plus electrification. 135 min.