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Amos n' Andy

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Descriptionof series from the Encyclopedia of Television
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Cripps, Thomas. "The Films of Spencer Williams."Black American Literature Forum, Vol. 12, No. 4.(Winter, 1978), pp. 128-134. Full-text ofthis article / review is available: UCB users only

The Amos 'n' Andy Show: Discs 1-2 (TV,1950's) Selected episodes from the 1950's television sitcom which relates the comic adventures of Amos Jones and Andrew H. Brown (Amos n' Andy), two black men trying to make it in Harlem whose lives are complicated by the schemes of the Kingfish. Written variously by Bob Ross, Dave Schwartz, Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher, Paul West, and Jay Sommers. Alvin Childress (Amos) ; Spencer Williams, Jr. (Andy) ; Tim Moore (Kingfish) ; Ernestine Wade (Sapphire) ; Amanda Randolph (Mama) ; Johnny Lee (Calhoun).Contents: Disc 1: Getting momma married, Parts 1 & 2 -- Andy buys a house -- The happy Stevens -- Arabia -- Disc 2. Andy plays Santa Claus -- The broken clock -- The Winslow woman -- Call Lehigh 4-9000 -- Leroy lends a hand. The Amos 'n' Andy Show: Discs 3-4 Contents: Disc 3: Birthday card -- Relatives -- Kingfish's lastfriend-- Quo vadis -- Andy falls in love with an actress -- Disc 4.Sapphire disappears -- The gun-- The turkey dinner -- Superfine brush-- Cousin Effie's will.  Discs 5-6  Contents: Disc 5: Hospitalization -- The antique shop -- Rare coin (also on vhs ) -- Young girl's mother -- The girl upstairs -- Disc 6. Amos helps out -- The ballet tickets -- The diner -- The engagement ring -- Andy gets a telegram. Discs 7-8 Contents: Disc 7: The adoption -- Leroy's suits-- The convention --Ready made family -- Kingfish gets drafted -- Disc 8. Traffic violations -- The society party -- Kingfish's secretary-- The new neighbors -- Vacation.  Discs 9  Contents: Eyeglasses -- Seeing is believing -- Viva la France --The boarder. Amos'n Andy.(TV, 1951) Cast: Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams, Jr., Tim Moore, Ernestine Wade, Amanda Randolph, Johnny Lee, and Horace Stewart. Amos n' Andy: Introduction of actors to studio audience by producers (6 min.) -- Amos n' Andy: The rare coin (27 min.) --Amos n' Andy: Kingfish enlists (25 min.) Vol. 4: Antique shop: Kingfish becomes an agent to get the commission from the sale of an antique shop. Kingfish teaches Andy to fly: Kingfish talks Andy into flying lessons so he canimpress the ladies. Vol. 6: The rare coin (27 min.) -- The Christmas story (27 min.) Vol. 7: Second honeymoon (27 min.) -- Andy buys a house (27 min.) Vol. 8: Andy's vacation; Happy Stevenses Vol. Vol. 8a: Kingfish's secretary; The Society Vol. Vol. 10: Cousin Effie's will; The adoption Vol. 11: Eye glasses (27 min.) -- Superfine Brush Company (aka Superfine brushes) (27 min.) Vol. 11a: The Kingfish gets drafted; Kingfish's secretary Vol. 13: Getting momma married :13 Vol. 14: Young girls mom ; Broken clock :14 Vol. 15: The Kingfish's last friend ; The society party Vol. 16: Christmas show ; Relatives :16 Vol. 18: Amos helps out ; Sapphire disappears :18 Vol. 19: Counterfeiters in the basement ; Turkey dinner Vol. 20: Superfine brushes; Traffic violations Amos 'n Andy. The Trouble with Father. Jack Benny Program.(TV) Contents: Amos n' Andy: Introduction of actors to studioaudience by producers (6 min.) -- Amos n' Andy: The Rare Coin (27min.) -- Amos n' Andy: Kingfish Enlists (25 min.) -- Trouble with Father: A Skeleton at the Party (27 min.) -- Jack Benny Program:Benny in the Lineup (25 min.). 199?. 110 min.