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Alambrista! (The Illegal) (1977)

Directed by Robert M. Young. Cast: Domingo Ambriz, Trinidad Silva, Linda Gillin, Ned Beatty, Jerry Hardin, Julius Harris. After his daughter's birth, Roberto leaves his town in Michoacan to make money in the United States. He's "an illegal," crossing into California and taking work wherever he can: picking strawberries, grapes, lettuce, and cucumbers. He hitchhikes, rides freight trains, and depends on the kindness of strangers. Near Stockton, things look up when a sympathetic waitress gives him a place to live and he gets a better job washing helicopters. But immigration raids are a constant possibility that can end stability. Depicts the harsh realities of Mexican life on both sides of the border. Special feature: Robert Young's 1973 documentary "Children of the fields" (26 min.) ; interviews with the director, composer of the new sound track, and scholars. Director's cut version (c2004) is a restored, resubtitled, rescored and longer version of the motion picture originally produced in 1977. 96 min. Credits and other information from Internet Movie Database