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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1939)

Animated short. Directed by Dave Fleischer. "Olive has a job at Surprise Pictures as a script girl when she dreams up a story of Popeye in the Aladdin tale. Popeye is a poor young man tricked by an evil magician who tries to use him to get the lamp. The plot fails, and Popeye uses the lamp to become a prince and woo the princess of old Persia (played by Olive). The magician tricks the princess into giving him the lamp, and takes her for himself. Even Aladdin/Popeye and the genie of the lamp (who looks and sounds like comedian Lew Lehr) are no match for the wicked villain until spinach defeats his evil power, allowing our hero to marry the princess. In the end, Olive's story is rejected by the movie studio, and the dream ends with Olive in a sea of scripts." [Big Cartoon Database] ; also