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42nd Annual Clio Awards, 2001

This program captures 2001's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio awards for television commercials.Entries include Budweiser's 'What are you doing?' and 'Whassup Wasabi,' Reebok's 'The blob,' Toyota Tacoma's'Family reunion,' Ford trucks' 'Fight club,' Samsonite luggage's 'Bomb squad,' Timex's 'Kung Fu,'IBM's 'Recording session,' Compaq's 'Web,' Los Angeles Dodger's 'Giant loser,' Game Show Network's 'Botulism,' Partnership for a Drug Free America's 'Music,' The New York times' 'Tornado,' San Francisco Jazz Festival's 'Low riders,' Sony Play station's 'PS9,' and Florida Department of Health's 'Secrets.' 2001. 130 min. 41th Clio Awards, 2000 [Anniversary Reel]Levis (2 adds), Budweiser beer (5), Bud Light, Guinness beer (2), Toyota (2), Volkswagen, Lexus(2), Sylvester, E-trade, NOW Magazine, Times of India, Saint John Ambulance, Florida anti-tobacco, Preparation H, Kirin beer, New Balance shoes, Nike (4), Lipton tea, Milk chocolate (2), Whiskas cat food, Airtel mobile, Tulipan condoms, Bic shavers, Budget rent-a-car, British Airways, Kuoni Reisen, Ecampus.com, OnHealth.com, Stamps.com, Amazon.com (2), MTV Networks (2). The Clio Awards, 2000This program brings together all of the gold, silver, and bronze winners of the Clio Awards in advertising for 2000. Drawn from categories ranging from National Campaign to public service, cinematography to musicand animation to visual effects, award-winners include Starbucks' "Good morning to you, too," Levi's" Invisible man," Nike's "The morning after," Fatboy Slim's "Praise you," Amazon.com's "Tons softoys," Pepsi's "Play acting," and Sega's "Apocalypse." 2000. 88 min. The Clio Awards, 1999 [40th Anniversary Reel]Part 1: This special 40th anniversary reel showcases award winning commercials from around the globe from the late 1950's through the '70s. Contents: Muriel cigars, Hamm's beer, Alka Seltzer (3 adds), Black Label beer, Timex, Harpo, Pepsodent, Clairol hair color, Mr. Clean, Maxwell House coffee, Kodak (3), Van Heusen shirts, Volkswagen (2), Jamaica travel, Mennen aftershave, Levys bread, Cracker Jacks, Chevrolet, Mustang automobile, Campbell's soups, Salada tea, -Noxzema shaving cream, Benson & Hedges cigarettes, Urban America, Inc., American Motors Rebel, Qantas Airlines, Prince spigetti, Olive soap (Japan), American Tourister luggage, Sunday Times (Gt. Brit.), Coca Cola (2), MacDonalds, Keep America Beautiful, Vitalis (Mohamed Ali), Tryggo Hansa Insurance, Scholl foot spray, Life cereal, Southern Airlines, Bandaids, Cinzano wine, Visa, BASF, Fiat, Federal Express-G.E., Dr. Pepper, Sanyo, Cockburns beer. 60 min. Part 2: This special 40th anniversary reel showcases award winning commercials from around the globe from the 1980s and '90's, Contents: Wendy's hamburgers, National light bulbs (2 adds, Japan), IBM computers, Dr. Pepper, Pils beer (H. Bogart), National batteries (Japan), British Airways, Apple Computers, Bud Light, Sony TV, California raisins, Hamlet cigars, Volvo (2), Du Pont, Diet Pepsi (Michael J. Fox), Levi jeans (3), Energizer bunny, -Penn tennis balls, Timex, Pentel, Banco do Brazil, Honda Accord, U.S. Health Care, Carling Black label beer, Apples, Pepsi (3), Lexus, Milk, "Don't drink and drive" (2), Sony, Coca cola (2), Visa gold, Braathens safe (Norway), Jeep, Norwegian Cruise lines, "Got milk?, Budweiser frogs, Shellton Mosquite repellant (Italy), Time foto, Nike shoes (5), Pioneer stereo, Japp candy (Jamaica), Caesar's pizza, No-smoking add, Pistachio nuts, Nissan cup noodle, Alka-Seltzer, Miller beer, Sonics basketball-Weather channel, Super noodles, Animal placement, Fox TV channel. 60 min. The Clio Awards, 1988Presents winners of the 1988 Clio awards for best national and international television/cinema advertising. 60 min.