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Reading Room

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NRLF Reading Room

  • NRLF and the Reading Room are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except University holidays.
  • Library users visiting the facility may use the material onsite or, depending on their library privileges, may borrow material directly from NRLF.
  • NRLF does not have playback equipment (VHS, DVD, CD, phonodisc, cassette player).
  • University of California (Berkeley) faculty, staff, and students may check out unrestricted items directly from NRLF.
  • Members of the general public must obtain a valid Berkeley library privilege card prior to visiting NRLF if they wish to borrow material. NRLF does not require a valid library card for one-time or occasional onsite use of material, but asks for a valid library card if research needs result in more frequent access to material.
  • Persons wishing to check out and/or use material at the facility are encouraged to request the material via OskiCat or telephone or e-mail NRLF in advance with their requests. Material will be ready for use when the patron arrives.
  • Printing, scanning and copying:
    • 1 microform reader/printer
    • 1 microform scanner with software to scan to a USB flash drive
    • Photocopies are 5 cents per page