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NRLF Deaccession Form

Content section: 
  1. Requestor:
  2. Date:
  3. Selector:
  4. Phone number:
  5. Library:
  6. Institution:
  7. Reason for deaccession (circle one)
    • To be retained by Special Collections
    • Duplication
    • Withdraw and replace
    • Withdraw and not replace
      Selector's signature:
      ​(To show compliance with the Persistence Policy, the Selector's signature is required.)
  8. Bibliographic Information
    • Title of item or set:
    • Call number:
    • Shelving Unit:
    • OskiCat direct link:
  9. Item Information
    Indicate with an (X) which one of the three deaccessioning options you are requesting for this title
    • (  ) Item(s) to be deaccessioned are lost.
      Complete 10a and 10b for each item
    • (  ) Item(s) to be deaccessioned currently located at NRLF.
      Complete 10a and 10b for each item
    • (  ) Item(s) to be deaccessioned currently in the hands of owning unit staff or other authorized staff. Requestor will keep the item(s) and do the following for each physical item:
      • Remove the NRLF bar code and attach it in 10a.
      • Indicate any volume information in 10b
      • For volumes, record the spine width (to the nearest ¼" rounding down), for non-book items (boxes, packages, bundles, etc.), record the dimension (LxWxH) in 10c.

10a Barcode number or label: 

10b Volume information:

10c Spine width (nearest ¼") or dimensions (LxWxH):