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Living With The Graphic Arts Loan Collection

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The Graphic Arts Loan Collection (GALC) at the Morrison Library was created in 1958 by Professor Herwin Schaefer, who believed the best way to foster an appreciation of art was for students to live with actual art. With that in mind, we would love to hear about your experience living with your GALC piece.

Feel free to write about whatever you like that pertains to the experience you had with your piece of art from the GALC. Some questions to consider are, did the print change over time in meaning or feeling to you, did you tend to notice more and more things about it over time, did it cause you to reevaluate what you considered art, and did you gather a greater appreciation for art in general living with your GALC piece? You also might want to write about why you chose your print, or about where you hung your print and if its placement changed over the year you had it and if moving your print to a different space changed how you viewed it. Did you have any conversations with others about your print? Feel free to tell us about them.

We hope that these posts will create conversations about pieces in the GALC that will span time and shed a light on how living with these pieces changed students' relationship with art over the years. Your post could also be used by a future UC Berkeley student in choosing a piece of art from the GALC.

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