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UC Berkeley’s library buildings are open. Here’s what you need to know.

Using the Library during COVID-19

UC Berkeley’s library buildings are now open. To stay up to date on the Library’s policies and services during the pandemic, visit the Library’s COVID-19 webpage.

Access and Use

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UC Berkeley Students

Materials in the Media Resources Center collection may be used on-site in MRC (floor 1 Moffitt Library) by current UC Berkeley students. Materials may not be checked out for home use by students or non-teaching staff. Students wishing to use MRC materials for classroom presentations should arrange with the course instructor to reserve these items in advance.

MRC materials are not available for extra-curricular screenings by student or community groups.

DeCal classes: Information for DeCal facilitators.

UC Berkeley Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors

Current UCB faculty and graduate student instructors may make a reservaton to borrow materials for same-day classroom use on the Berkeley campus, or for overnight previewing.

Reservations may be made via:

Overnight circulation of certain materials may be restricted, depending on the current demand for the material or the rarity and physical condition of the item. Requests for limited exceptions to these policies should be directed to our circulation supervisors at avmccirc@library.berkeley.edu.

Materials in the Media Resources Center may not be used off-campus. Use of MRC collections in extra-curricular academic programs and events must be arranged in advance with our circulation supervisors (avmccirc@library.berkeley.edu). Most MRC materials cannot legally be used for screenings other than those held in connection with face-to-face classroom teaching, in credit-bearing courses.

Non-Berkeley Individuals

Individuals not affiliated with UC Berkeley may be granted one-day use of the Media Resources Center for valid research purposes by contacting our circulation supervisors (avmccirc@library.berkeley.edu). Permission to use the MRC depends on the nature and availability of the desired materials, and the availability of viewing stations. Permission to use the MRC is not generally granted for viewing popular or widely accessible titles, including those available online, or at local video stores.

Berkeley Extension, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley City College

Faculty teaching Berkeley Extension classes that are also credit-bearing on the UC Berkeley campus (cross-listed in the UCB course catalog), have the same privileges as regular UCB teaching staff. MRC materials are never made available for use in non-credit-bearing Berkeley Extension classes.

MRC collections and facilities are not available for use in courses offered by the Graduate Theological Union, or Berkeley City College.

Interlibrary Loan

Media Resources Center materials are selectively made available for borrowing by other UC campuses, based on rarity of the requested item and its current use on the Berkeley campus. Materials in the MRC collection are not available for borrowing by institutions outside of the University of California System. Requests to borrow MRC materials should be made through the interlibrary loan/borrowing departments of the requestor's campus library.

Requesting Media Resources Center Materials from Storage (NRLF)

A large number of materials in older formats, such as VHS, and lesser-used titles in the Media Resources Center collection, are stored off-campus at the Northern Library Regional Facility (NRLF).

MRC materials stored at NRLF:

  • Are included in UC Library Search.
  • May not be requested via UC Library Search.
  • May be viewed in the MRC, or in UC Berkeley classrooms.
  • Must be requested in-person at the MRC circulation desk.
  • Are generally available in MRC in three to five working days.

Commercial Use of Media Resources Center Materials

The majority of materials in the Media Resources Center collection are acquired from commercial sources. Most of these materials are under current copyright. Because the library does not own rights to these materials we cannot legally copy or redistribute them, even if they are no longer available for purchase commercially. MRC staff can often provide information regarding sources for purchase of materials in the collection. For distribution information, email avmccirc@library.berkeley.edu.

Use of MRC's Group Viewing Rooms

The Media Resources Center has two media-equipped group rooms that will accommodate from 15 to 20 viewers.

  • The rooms may be reserved for one-time use by UCB faculty or graduate student assistants wishing to screen MRC materials to their classes.
  • The rooms may be reserved by a group of three or more students for course-assigned viewing.
  • The rooms are not booked for protracted periods of time, or for regularly/frequently occurring events.
  • Reservations for use of group rooms may be made in person at the Media Resources Center, or by contacting our circulation supervisors (avmccirc@library.berkeley.edu), or by calling (510) 642-8197.