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The Robert E. Levinson Fellowship

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Application deadline is the first Monday in February by 5 p.m.

Eligibility for Awards

Robert E. Levinson, PhD, was an historian and pioneer scholar in the study of the Jewish experience in the California Gold Rush. His doctoral thesis, The Jews in the California Gold Rush, University of Oregon, 1968, and subsequent book of the same title, published by the Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, 1978, opened an exciting chapter for researchers to examine the complexity, diversity, and impact of the Jewish experience in early California history.

The Robert E. Levinson Fellowship for the study of the history of Jews in California has been established by the Commission for the Preservation of Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries and Landmarks in the West. This fellowship has been established to encourage the further exploration of primary and related secondary resources to further expand the original research of Dr. Levinson. The fellowship supports qualified individuals, regardless of academic degree, who are pursuing research as defined below.

The program will support original research relating to the depth and breadth of the Jewish experience in California from 1848, the beginning of the Gold Rush era to 1915, the opening of the Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, with preference for the relation to the California Gold rush experience. The research must include investigation of the original and related secondary materials of The Bancroft Library, including 19th Century Western Jewish documents of The Bancroft Library and the Magnes Collection for Jewish Art and Life. The Robert E. Levinson papers are part of the Magnes Collection. Ancillary materials from other institutions related to the research may be incorporated.

Size of Awards

The fellowship is offered in the amount of $1000. Awards may be used to defray travel expenses, living expenses or research costs.

How to Apply

To apply for the Robert E. Levinson Fellowship, please see the Fellowships and Awards page for application instructions.

On the application form, applicants should describe the purpose and scope of the proposed project, detailing sufficient information about relevant holdings of The Bancroft Library that would support the project. Indication of qualifications of the applicant to undertake the proposed work will help the review committee evaluate the proposal.

All awards are made by The Bancroft Library Fellowship Committee. No awards are made directly by the donor, The Commission for the Preservation of Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries and Landmarks. All applications and awards will be made within the framework of existing fellowship programs. The applicant will conduct the research project within one year of notification.

The recipient will be asked to write a report for the Bancroft Library and the Commission for Preservation of Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries and Landmarks on their research.


Past Robert E. Levinson Fellowship Recipients