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List of Recent Classes Taught at The Bancroft Library

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The Bancroft Library hosts an array of classes every semester, including   

UC Berkeley classes with one or more sessions at The Bancroft Library

UC Berkeley programs using Bancroft collections

Other programs using Bancroft collections

 Students interested in exploring primary sources and other historical and cultural materials may wish to review the list, below, to learn more about which Berkeley courses may include Bancroft components.

UC Berkeley Classes with One or More Sessions at The Bancroft Library

Academic Year 2015-2016 Courses


Classics 225: Papyrology (Todd Hickey) - entire class at Bancroft

Greek 15: The Greek Workshop

Latin 1: Elementary Latin    

Latin 122: Post-Augustan Prose (Todd Hickey) - entire class at Bancroft

Latin 155A: The Letters of Abelard and Heloise (Frank Bezner)


College Writing

College Writing R4B: Native American Cultures (Michelle Baptiste)

College Writing R4B: Modern Love, Ancient Brains (David Wiese)

College Writing 50AC: Researching Water in the West: Its Presence, Its Absence, & Its Consequences for the Peoples of California (Pat Steenland)


Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature N60AC: Take It Like a Man: Masculinity in America  

Comparative Literature N60AC: We Gotta Get Out of This Place: American Separatism from the 19th Century to Now

Comparative Literature 153: Literature and the Age of Exploration (Tim Hampton)

Comparative Literature 212: Cultural Dynamics of Materiality (Beate Fricke  and Frank Bezner)


Computer Science

Computer Science 24: Berkeley Through the Lens (Brian Barsky)

Computer Science 39T: Berkeley Through the Lens (Brian Barsky)



English N1A: Love Songs

English R1B: Image and Text

English R1B: Record Keeping

English 20: Modern British and American Literature: Graphic Poetics

English 166: Epistles: The Letter in Life and Literature (Emily Thornbury)        

English 190: Keats and Literary Tradition (Anne-Lise Francois)

English 200: Problems in the Study of Literature (Dorothy Hale)

English 203: Edmund Spenser (David Landreth)


Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies 201P: History and Narrativity (Raul Coronado)



French R1B: Here Be Dragons: France's Known Unknowns          

French 112A: Medieval Literature (David Hult)

French 114: Love, Humor and Satire in an Age of War and Plague (David Hult)



German R5A: Crusaders and Adventurers

German 160B: Fascism and Propaganda (Andrea Sinn)

German 206: The Age of Maximilian I (Elaine Tennant) - entire class at Bancroft



History 24: Museums of Berkeley (Thomas Laqueur)

History 24: Poor and Working Children in the United States (Paula Fass)

History 30: Science and Society (John Alaniz)

History 100AC: History of American Capitalism (Caitlin Rosenthal)

History C192: History of Information (Paul Duguid)

History 275B: The Middle Ages (Geoff Koziol)


History of Art

History of Art 62: Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art (Henrike Lange)

History of Art 169A: Elizabethan Renaissance: Art, Culture, and Visuality (Elizabeth Honig)

History of Art 171: Visual Culture in Early Modern Spain and Colonial Latin America (Todd Olson)

History of Art N182: Histories of Photography

History of Art 192F: Reading Photographs of the American West (Christine Hult-Lewis)

History of Art 270: Cultural Transfer: Problems and Methods in the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Visual Cultures (Todd Olson)


Italian Studies

Italian Studies 248: Trionfi/Triumphs (Henrike Lange)



Journalism 24: Behind the Beautiful Forevers in the U.S.A. (Thomas Leonard)



Law 277: Art and Cultural Property Law (Carla Shapreau)


Media Studies

Media Studies 24: Exploring the News (Neil Henry)


Near Eastern Studies

Near Eastern Studies 18: Introduction to Ancient Egypt (Carol Redmount)


Political Science

Political Science 191: Tyranny and Tyrannicide (Daniel Lee)

Political Science 211: Selected Topics in Political Theory: The Civil Law (Daniel Lee)



Rhetoric R1B: The Craft of Writing: Humanitarianism, Human Rights, & Human Connection in the Modern Era

Rhetoric 106: History of the Everyday (Mario Wimmer)



Spanish 135: Ciudad de Mexico (Ivonne del Valle)

Spanish 285: Poetics of the Transatlantic Baroque: Sor Juana, Severo Sarduy, & Jose Lezama Lima Read Gìngora (Emilie Bergmann)


Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies

UGIS 140: The Hand-Printed Book in Its Historical Context (Les Ferriss) – entire class at Bancroft


UC Berkeley Programs Using Bancroft Collections

Academic Year 2015-2016 Programs

Academic Talent Development Program: Writing for College, led by Aileen Liu

Anthropology Undergraduate Association, led by Alejandra Ramirez

Fall Program for Freshmen: History of Art, led by Lisa Regan

History-Social Science Project: California and the Nation, led by Emily Richards

Intercultural English Program, led by Ayumi Nagase

IvyMax Youth Innovation and Leadership Summer Camp, led by ToneeRose Legaspi

English Berkeley Connect, directed by Professor Eric Falci

Environmental Science Policy & Management Berkley Connect, directed by Professor Erica Rosenblum

History Berkeley Connect, directed by Professor David Henkin

Philosophy Berkeley Connect, directed by Professor Lara Buchak

Sociology Berkeley Connect, directed by Professor Kim Voss


Other Programs Using Bancroft Collections

Academic Year 2015-2016 Programs

California Indian Conference (Olivia Chilcote)

California Rare Book School: History of Cartography/Maps (Julie Sweetkind-Singer)

California Rare Book School: History, Identification, and Preservation of Photographic Materials (Gawain Weaver)

International Calligraphy Conference: The Passionate Pen (Chris McDonald)

Rare Book School: Mellon Fellowship Program (Donna Sy)