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Council of Friends

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Council Members

Chair: Robert Gordon Sproul III

Vice Chair: Frederick F. Gregory

Secretary: Elaine C. Tennant

Treasurer: Deirdre L. Henry

Kim Bancroft

Candace Caldwell

Christine Campbell

Theodore Craig

Susan Honeyman Crawford

Ivonne Del Valle

Jenny Emerson

Gordon Eubanks

Chase Reynolds Ewald

Robin Frazier

Shelby Gans

J. Keith Gilless

Timothy Hachman

Sophie Hahn

Sheila M. Humphreys

Judy Huret

Laurie Thompson Jarrett

Krishen A. Laetsch

David Y. Lei

Mary E. MacDonald

Alexandra Marston

Jodie Matheis

Douglas G. Moore

Kathryn M. Neal

Bruce Quan

Skip Rhodes

Paul Robertson

Donald Sarver

Nathan Sayre

Camilla Smith

Charles G. Stephenson

James Sutton

Alexandra Donlon Treene

Daniel Vencill

Jack von Euw

Dora L. Wang

Kirsten Weisser

John Windle

Advisory Council Members

Florence Fang

David P. Gardner

Robert D. Haas

Robert L. Hass

Thelton E. Henderson

Maxine Hong Kingston