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Anthropological curiosity turns on the complexity, excitement and danger surrounding the deCode Project.Our intent is to make this Forum a place for serious and sustained reflection on issues related to the deCode Project.  

Note: Most recent entries appear first.  

Social Technologies?, Jane Kay, July 25, 1999 

Ethics and Science, Jonas G. Allansson, July 9, 1999 

Profits and Science, W.A. Silverman, MD. July 6, 1999 
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 From: jane kaye <> 
Subject: Social technologies 
I am not sure what is meant by the term "social technologies".  Is there someone out there who could enlighten me?
There are many interesting questions raised in this forum, especially those concerning science and ethics. Icelandic scientist or science in general has not received any special attention from either the Icelandic media or the public. When deCode came along there was therefore no real tradition or exiting narrative of how the public could or should discuss and solve issues concerning science and ethics. Unlike most other nations Icelanders have never had any big controversies on science and ethics. This narrative was constructed alongside this whole debate surrounding deCode. It is therefore interesting to see if peoples perception and understanding of science in general here in Iceland will be affected by the whole debate about deCode. ============================================================ 
Jonas G. Allansson 
Department of Anthropology, 
Faculty of Social Science 
University of Iceland, 
101 Reykjavik, Iceland 

GSM. (354) 698 1063 
Hs.  (354) 551 2763 / 881 0406(Home) 
Vs.  (354) 525 4253 (Work) Inst. of Anthropology Fax. (354) 562 2878


Bravo for providing a forum to debate the controversial issues that surround 
the  Iceland Genome Project! 

 To the extent that the information obtained in this project is treated as a 
for-profit commodity,  it lacks the basic quality of openness which is the 
sine qua non needed to make it a genuinely scientific enterprise. 

William A. Silverman, MD 
Retired Professor of Pediatrics 
College of P&S, Columbia University 


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