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Articles from newspapers and journal are arranged with most recent articles listed first. 
1999, 1998,1997
  • 11 February 2000:
    Start-Up Claims Piece of Iceland's Gene Pie. Science Magazine (Requires Subscription)
  • 5 December 1999:
    Iceland's Gene Pool Making Waves. Associated Press
  • 20 September 1999:
    DeCode Genetics of Iceland Maps a Gene Linked to Pre-Eclampsia. PR Newswire
  • 14 August 1999:
    The Icelandic Database - Do Modern Times Need Modern Sagas? The British Medical Journal (Full Text UC Only)
  • 5 August 1999:
    The Icelandic Healthcare Database: A Tool to Create Knowledge, A Social Debate, and a Bioethical and Privacy Challenge. Medscape Molecular Medicine
  • 14 July 1999:
    Rannsaka umraedu um vidskipti med lifeindir. Midvikudagur (Icelandic Newspaper).
  • 6 July 1999:
    Chemische Rundschau - Partnership between DeCode and Affymetrix. FT Asia Intelligence Wire
  • 28 June 1999:
    Lively Debate held over Icelandic Health Database. Nordic Business Report
  • 28 June 1999:
    Icelandic Biotech Firm to Become More Icelandic. Nordic Business Report
  • 7 June 1999:
    DeCode's in chip deal with Affymetrix. Biotechnology Newswatch
  • 13 May 1999:
    A Genetic bank. ABC Nightline. (Transcript)
  • 26 April 1999:
    Europe expands on the gene map. Financial Times (London).
  • 26 March 1999:
    Iceland's Decode locate osteoarthritis gene. Wall Street Journal.
  • 26 March 1999:
    Iceland's Decode locate osteoarthritis gene. Extel Examiner.
  • 6 March 1999:
    Iceland Warms Investors' Heart. International Herald Tribune.
  • 1 March 1999:
    Health Care Delivery: Building Population Genetics Resources Using the U.K. NHS (subsription only)
    Science Magazine
  • 22 Feb 1999:
    Attention Shoppers:Special Today -- Iceland's DNA. CNN Interactive.
  • 21 February 1999:
    Eureka. Sunday Times (London).
  • 19 February 1999:
    One Big Genetic Pool on the Market. ABC World News This Morning. (Transcript)
  • 18 February 1999:
    Closer Look. ABC World News Tonight. (Transcript)
  • 16 February 1999:
    Iceland Unveils Its Gene Pool and Debate Flares.
    By Sarah Lyall
  • 13 February 1999:
    An Icelandic saga unveils life's secrets. The Times (London).
  • 6 February 1999:
    Hijacked Medical Records. The Washington Post.
  • 3 February 1999:
    Icelandic gene company may float biotechnology: Decode considers listing after Parliament backs plan for genetic database. Financial times (London)

  • 27 January 1999:
    Forget privacy: Iceland sells citizens' personal, health, genetic records. The Plain Dealer.
  • 23 January 1999:
    Iceland, the Nation of Clones, by Simon Mawer The New York Times - OP-ED

     23 January 1999:
    People Are Not Commodities, by R. C. Lewontin The New York Times - OP-ED

  • 18 January 1999:
    Decoding Iceland. The New Yorker.
  • 16 January 1999:
    Iceland sells nation's DNA history: Homogeneous population ideal for genetic research. But what about privacy? Calgary Herald.
  • 13 January 1999:
    With gene plan, Iceland Dives into a controversy; Sale of Citizens genetic code pits Privacy Issues vs. Science. International Herald Tribune.
  • 12 January 1999:
    For Sale in Iceland: A Nation's Genetic Code; Deal with Research Firm Highlights Conflicting Views of Progress, Privacy and Ethics. The Washington Post.
  • 12 January 1999:
    Iceland sells its people's genetic code to biotech firm. The Seattle Times
  • 9 January 1999:
    Viking Wars. New Scientist.
  • 6 January 1999:
    Isolated Icelanders could be key to curing disease. Discover Magazine.
  • 22 December 1998:
    Genes on Ice; THe entire population of Iceland is set to take part in a unique genetic experiment The Guardian (London).
  • 17 December 1998:
    US genetics company's access to Iceland medical register sparks outrage. Agence France Presse.
  • 8 December 1998:
    Press Release, Brussels . Green Group
  • 5 December 1998:
    Norse Code. The Economist.
  • 5 December 1998:
    Selling the Family Secrets. New Scientist.
  • 16 November 1998:
    Gene Hunters Under Fire. The European.
  • 14 September 1998:
    Genome Project Leaders Announce Intent to Finish Sequencing the Human Genome Two Years Early. NIH News Release
  • 14 August 1998:
    Physicians Wary of Scheme to Pool Icelanders' Genetic Data . Science Magazine
  • 14 July 1998:
    Decoding deCODE's database flap: deCode Cont'd. Signals Magazine
  • July 1998:
    The Doctor is Kin: The genetic monogeneity of Iceland's population has been good to Kari Stefansson . Red Herring Magazine
  • 17 June 1998:
    Icelanders put decode Genetics and Roche on Ice.Rural Advancement Foundation International
  • 14 June 1998:
    Iceland's historic fascination with genealogy lures 'DNA prospector'. Star-Tribune Newspaper of the Twin Cities Mpls.-St. Paul.
  • 9 June 1998:
    Iceland draws disease fighting sleuths: Genealogy public records could lead to breakthrough. Calgary Herald 
  • 7 June 1998:
    'Prospector' hunts cures in Icelandic DNA. Chicago Sun-Times
  • 5 June 1998:
    A Big Fish in A Small Gene PoolLos Angeles Times
  • May/June 1998:
    Iceland's Blond Ambition: A nordic country cashes in on its isolated gene pool . Mother Jones
  • 25 May 1998:
    Geneticists focus on Iceland- Enormous Pharmaceutical contract. Deutsche Presse-Agentur
  • May 1998:
    DESIGNER GENES: Icelandic startup DeCode takes a homegrown approach to genomics.The Red Herring.
  • 1 April 1998:
    An Icelandic Saga: Fishing goes for genes in the North Atlantic. Journal of the National Cancer Institute
  • 27 March 1998:
    deCode Genetics rewardedDaily News from Iceland
  • 23 February 1998:
    Stock offering in deCode GeneticsDaily News from Iceland
  • 10 February 1998:
    Gene Hunters Head for Iceland Daily inSight
  • 2 February 1998:
    Genetics firm lands a huge contract Daily News from Iceland
  • February 1998:
    Natural-Born Guinea Pigs:A start-up discovers genes for tremor and psoriasis in the DNA of inbred Icelanders Scientific American
  • 1998:
    Dipping into the Gene pool. Iceland Review
  • 15 September 1997:
    Norse code holds key to genomics. Chemistry and Industry
  • 29 September 1997:
    The New Icelandic Saga: A start-up Icelandic biotech firm is finding novel ways to exploit its unique genetic inheritance Time
  • 26 August 1997:
    deCode Genetics localise movement disorder gene.Daily News From Iceland
  • 1997:
    Biotech's Transatlantic Challenge (part 3). BioVenture View
  • Ask the Scientists: Kari Stefansson Scientific American Frontiers


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