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Anthropological curiosity turns on the complexity, excitement and danger surrounding the deCode Project. Our intent is to make this website a place for serious and sustained reflection, analysis and debate from which might emerge a community of informed participants. The questions below are meant to initiate discussions.

For those whose central goal is to register an opinion pro/con about the deCode Project, other websites are available.

A note on use of content:Contributions to the forum become part of the archive for Mapping the Human Genome in Iceland and may be used in future projects. Please do not submit any slanderous content or any content which infringes on the intellectual property rights of others. Making a submission will be taken as your agreement with these terms

In the light of the deCode agreement, does Iceland have a unique place in the political economy of science? How should we think about this situation? For example: Does it provide a solution for diasporic scientists? Is this simply an example of opprotunist exploitation?
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Does the proposed Icelandic database provide a uniquely valuable gene discovery tool? If so, what makes it unique?
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What social technologies will be associated with this project?
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Does the deCode agreement provide new legal precedents? If so, what are they and what challenges do they present?
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To what extent does the Icelandic development give us a new perspective on the ethical and moral issues that surround genetic research and the use of genetic material?
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