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Libraries Under Construction

When the University Library began in 1868, its 1,036-volume collection was easily housed in one room and in one building. But within 60 years, the rapid growth of the collections put tremendous pressure on the Library's capacity to maintain its entire collection in just one location. Beginning in 1924, this growing pressure was relieved by the establishment of subject specialty libraries across the campus. Generally located within buildings that also house the department(s) that the collections serve, several free-standing subject specialty libraries have also been constructed to meet the needs of Cal students and faculty.

Music Library

Situated at the east-end of North Field, the Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library opened on July 6, 2004 to support the diverse teaching and research needs of the UC Berkeley Department of Music. The building bears the name of Jean Gray Hargrove, a graduate from the Class of 1935 in the Department of Music, whose generous gift to the department made the project possible.

East Asian Library

Construction of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, part of the Chang-Lin Tien Center for East Asian Studies began in Spring 2005. It is the only freestanding East Asian Library building in the country today. Its combined holdings in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other East Asian languages make it one of the two such collections in the United States outside of the Library of Congress. This new facility guarantees that future generations of Cal students and scholars will continue to benefit from the extraordinary resources of the East Asian Library.

Doe Stacks

In late 1994, construction was completed on the Doe/Moffitt project, a four-story underground addition that connects Doe and Moffitt libraries. Four acres of new library space and 52 miles of new shelving were added, housing the David Pierpont Gardner Stacks and most of the Library's collection of humanities and social sciences materials.

James K. Moffitt Undergraduate Library

Originally constructed to serve the growing population of undergraduate students whose needs differed from the research functions of Doe Library, the James K. Moffitt Undergraduate Library opened in 1970, funded by a $4 million state bond issue. Named for James Kennedy Moffitt (1865-1955), a UC Regent, 1898 graduate, and generous donor to the Library, Moffitt Library's collection not only supports UC Berkeley's undergraduate curriculum, but also encourages students to educate themselves about the world outside the classroom and beyond the scope of their disciplines.

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