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Sample Documents from Emma Goldman:
A Documentary History of the American Years 

Volume One, Made For America, 1890-1901
(University of California Press, April 2003)

Candace Falk, Barry Pateman and Jessica Moran, eds.


The four-volume scholarly book edition includes transcriptions, annotations, a detailed chronology, and directories of individuals, organizations and periodicals to present a fuller and richer understanding of Goldman and her world. The letters, essays, lectures, government reports, newspaper articles and other primary sources relating to Goldman will appeal to those interested in Goldman and in the history of anarchism, labor, socialism and radicalism in America. Volume One, Made for America, documents Goldman's entry to the public sphere through her response to the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901.



Anarchy's Den
This New York World newspaper article from 1892 accuses Emma Goldman of masterminding the attempted assassination of industrialist Henry Clay Frick.

The Law's Limit
This New York World newspaper article reports on the sentencing hearing following Goldman's conviction for unlawful assembly in 1893. It includes a speech that she planned to give to the court; the original copy of the speech is lost.

Nelly Bly, Again
Journalist Nelly Bly interviews Emma Goldman for the New York World. This interview, conducted in jail, came a month prior to Goldman's 1893 sentencing for unlawful assembly.

What is There in Anarchy for Woman?
Interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday Magazine, where Goldman discusses her thoughts on marriage and family. This occurred during her October 1897 visit to St. Louis, Missouri.

Samples from the Directory of Individuals
Short biographies of anarchists and other individuals who impacted the world of Goldman during the period of Volume One, 1890-1901.