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Web Advisory Group

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The Web Advisory Group (WAG) convenes to advise, educate, collaborate, coordinate, gather input, and propose changes to the public facing Library website. The website includes, not just the Drupal web pages, but also the web services, e.g., OskiCat, Databases A-Z, Discovery etc.

  • Oversee all public facing web pages, including content review and updates on a regular schedule for assured accuracy.
  • Think creatively and forwardly about the face of UC Berkeley Libraries on the web.
  • Communicate with other groups, e.g., Discovery team, regularly as development decisions can impact their work and to provide feedback on web user interface issues.
  • Review and implement minor changes to all public facing Library web services, e.g., OskiCat, Databases A-Z.
  • Review and refer to the Public Services Council, policy suggestions and major changes to all public facing Library web services, e.g., OskiCat, Databases A-Z.
  • Propose priorities of web changes and enhancements to Public Services Council.
  • Develop policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for the website in concert with campus and University of California System policies, e.g., ADA compliance.
  • Ensure ongoing evolution and viability of the Library website.
  • Recommend areas for usability testing and review testing results to determine next steps.
  • Define new tools to enhance user productivity and enable easy compliance with procedures and standards developed.
  • Create task groups to pull in additional Library staff and users for input on specific issues.
  • Update the UC Berkeley Library community regularly of website changes.

Term: Committee members will serve for two years. Appointments are staggered so that half of the committee turns over every June.

Committee year: July - June.
To provide input from all shareholders, the Web Advisory Group will include representation from:

Public Services Council
each Subject Council
Technical Services (Catalog Dept./Acquisitions Dept.)
Library IT

AUL Liaison:
Elizabeth Dupuis, Senior Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives, User Services, and Strategic Projects and Director of Doe, Moffitt and the Subject Specialty Libraries

Lisa Ngo, Sciences Council (term ends 2020)


Terry Catapano, The Bancroft Library (term ends 2020)
Vaughn Egge, Instruction Services Division (term ends 2020)
David Eifler, Social Sciences Council (term ends 2021)
Manuel Erviti, Arts & Humanities Council (term ends 2021)
Lynne Grigsby, Library Web Manager and Public Services Council (ex officio)
Julie Lefevre, Affiliated Libraries (term ends 2020)
Sherry Lochhaas, Acquisitions Department (term ends 2020)
Jesse Loesberg, Library Communications Office (ex officio)
Lisa Weber, Library Webmaster (ex officio)
Susan Xue, East Asian Library (term ends 2020)

Meeting schedule:
Second Tuesday, 11:00am - 12:00pm, 289 Doe Annex (Library IT conference room)

E-mail list:

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