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Web Advisory Group

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This charge governs the Web Advisory Group (WAG) projects and direction for the 2020-2022 period. During this period, WAG will report to AUL for Digital Initiatives Salwa Ismail and Director of Communications Tiffany Grandstaff. Once the Library website redesign has been completed in January 2022, WAG will be reenvisioned to align with new Library web services needs.

Current WAG activities align with a direction that will assist the Library with the upcoming website redesign initiative. This advisory group will:

  • Assist in critical community outreach for the redesign project, including being responsible for engaging with librarians and Library staff in members’ units to directly select and invite faculty, students, and other users for user experience interviews and other testings, as needed.
  • Assist the usability testing for the SILS discovery layer in collaboration with the UC Berkeley SILS Discovery Functional Group Chair and pull in librarians and staff in members’ units to directly select and invite faculty, students, and other users for the various usability testings of the SILS Discovery service, as needed.
  • Find, review, and inventory all Library websites and exhibits outside of the current content management system and exhibit system and develop a proposal in collaboration with current site owners and Library IT to archive, remove, or migrate the site into the content management system with the redesign.
  • Review and implement minor change proposals that come from library staff to all public facing Library web services including adding links to the navigation menus.
  • Create task groups to pull in additional Library staff and users for input on specific issues on the projects listed above, as needed.
  • WAG should carry out the charge in a way that advances the Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the context of the group’s work with a goal to help make the Library services and resources on the website more inclusive and accessible.

Term: Committee members will serve through June 2022.

To provide input from all shareholders, the Web Advisory Group will include representation from:

Public Services Council
each Subject Council
Technical Services (Catalog Dept./Acquisitions Dept.)
Library IT
Instruction Services
East Asian Library
The Bancroft Library
The Affiliated Libraries
Library Communications

Salwa Ismail, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
Tiffany Grandstaff, Director Library Communications

David Eifler, Social Sciences Council


Kristina Bush, Instructional Services Division
Joe Cera , Affiliated Libraries
Manuel Erviti, Arts & Humanities Council
Lynne Grigsby, Library Web Manager (ex officio)
Jesse Loesberg, Library Communications Office (ex officio)
Becky Miller, Sciences Council
Ute Rupp, Cataloging and Metadata Services
Jami Smith, Public Services Council

Lee Anne Titangos, The Bancroft Library
Lisa Weber, Library Webmaster (ex officio)
Susan Xue, East Asian Library

Meeting schedule:
Second Tuesday, 11:00am - 12:00pm, 289 Doe Annex (Library IT conference room)

E-mail list: