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Reference Services Group

About the group

The Reference Services Group is a forum for all library staff interested in reference and information services in all its forms. The Reference Services Group is the venue for discussions related to reference and information services across campus libraries, including innovation in reference, exchange of ideas and practices, and occasionally training in new tools and methods. As a subgroup of Public Services Council (PSC), Reference Services Group may be asked by PSC to give input on related services or policies, and may bring issues to PSC for formal library-wide discussion and approval. The discussion topics and decisions from in-person meetings are recorded in minutes that are distributed to the library staff in a timely manner. Discussions are also encouraged through the email list.


Members include all reference and information services staff from all Library units; each unit is encouraged to ensure at least one representative attends in-person meetings. All members have equal participation rights. At least one Group Leader will serve on Public Services Council.

Group leader

Nicole Brown, Head of Instruction Services Division

Email list