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Library Assessment Advisory Group

Content section: 

The Library Assessment Advisory Group (LAAG), through broad library representation, is charged to develop and support various library assessment activities based on the priorities and directions set in the Library Assessment Program Plan, in order to create a holistic library assessment program, and to achieve Berkeley library strategic goals.

Through measures like library inputs and outputs, needs assessment, user satisfaction, and outcome-based data, library assessment activities provide an efficient way to facilitate data-informed decision process, to identify trends, to recommend changes and to cultivate an assessment culture within the organization. Assessment projects can also demonstrate the library's resource and service value to external audiences and stakeholders. A range of research methods will be identified and applied by the group, including user surveys, interviews, focus groups, usability testing, as well as collecting and analyzing data from various library and institutional data system and warehouse.

Assessment activities are in alignment with the Strategic Directions set forth in the Library’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021. This advisory group will

  • improve how scholars access resources, by evaluating the discovery and use pattern of library resources by our users within their learning, research and teaching cycle and by analyzing how the resources management technologies and access models impact user behaviors
  • help develop emerging areas of scholarship, by identifying the trends of user behaviors in general and in the use of the resources and library services;
  • grow as an adaptive learning organization, by setting up the benchmarks for resources and services management;
  • tell our story to build community and cultivate relationships, by communicating effectively and broadly library’s impact on student and faculties learning, teaching and research.

In order to provide a holistic view of all library activities, broad library representation is needed for this advisory group with rotating membership according to the Library’s strategic priorities and Assessment Program plan.  Staff with highly desired skill sets in assessment methods, data analysis and visualization will be part of the group as well. The advisory group will collaborate with various library departments, ranging from collection development, technical services, financial planning, information technology, instruction and reference, space planning and use, scholarly communication, special collections, preservation, library human resources and communication.

This advisory group can form sub-working groups for implementing short-term projects. Additional librarians/staff can be pulled into sub-working groups as needed.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Develop, evaluate and maintain a library data inventory that lists and describes the metrics, the use cases/functions, data reports and the data sources.
  • Research, evaluate and recommend technologies and tools for library data storage, data presentation & visualization, and integration with institutional data.
  • Streamline and prioritize existing data collection processes
  • Define outcome-based benchmarks for various programs
  • Develop and implement processes to regularly collect user satisfaction, user needs and user outcome data via survey or other instruments.
  • Consolidate the assessment efforts across Berkeley library
  • Make recommendations on ways to translate assessment efforts and data into action
  • Monitor campus-wide assessment activities and national / international trends in library assessment
  • Form various working groups for specific projects, development timeline, and monitor the process

AUL Liaison:
Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources

Chan Li,  Assessment Librarian, Chair

Susan Edwards (Social Sciences Division)
Vaughn Egge (for Instruction Services Division)
Mohamed Hamed (Arts & Humanities Division)
Mark Hemhauser (Acquisitions Department)
Tor Haugan (Communications)
Becky Miller (Life & Health Sciences Division)
Lisa Ngo (Engineering & Physical Sciences Division)  
David Rez (Library IT)
Jesse Silva (Collections)

Team membership will be assessed every two years.

Meeting schedule
LAAG will meet monthly on the fourth Monday, 9-10:30am, in the Social Research Library Conference Room.