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Is there a limit to the amount of materials I can check out under my name at any one time?

Yes. On the borrow page, see the section that outlines loan periods and check-out limits.

Does the library provide document delivery?

Document delivery is available to faculty and graduate students for a fee by the BAKER document retrieval and delivery service.

See the Interlibrary Borrowing FAQ page for more information.

Why the name OskiCat?

OskiCat was the winning submission in a staff contest to select a name for the new UCB Library online catalog, which replaced Pathfinder and Gladis as of June 24, 2009. Oski (Berkeley mascot) + cat(alog) = OskiCat.

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Where can I search for online articles?

There are many places to find full-text articles and article citations - on the library home page, the Articles link under the How to Find tab is a good place to start.

Where is a list of library phone numbers?

Phone numbers are prominently displayed on Library homepages.

Where do I return my books?

Books and other items you have checked out should be returned to the circulation desk during the hours the library is open, and to outdoor/after hours book returns when the library is closed. These are typically bins or drop slots located near library entrances. For example, book returns are located to the right of the front door of Moffitt Library, to the right of the south entrance to Doe Library, and on the north side of Doe at the far left of the plaza.

Items that are "Library Use Only" may not be removed from the library, and must be returned to the Circulation Desk.