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Why is Melvyl asking me to log in?

Melvyl, the discovery tool of the UC libraries, now includes millions of licensed journal articles. As a result, some off-campus users will now encounter login prompts when starting a search in Melvyl.  Anyone can still use Melvyl as a UC-wide and worldwide library catalog, but the licensed items are available only to those with UC Berkeley access privileges.

  • UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff may want to add the EZproxy bookmarklet to their browser so they are prompted to authenticate via CalNet or PIN login when going to a journal article or other licensed resource via Melvyl.
  • Those who are connecting with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) system, and those whose computers are on the campus network (including AirBears 2) do not get a login prompt when using Melvyl, and can continue to access journal articles and other licensed resources.
  • Off-campus users who are not using either the EZproxy bookmarklet or VPN will see a login window when doing a search in Melvyl.
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