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My book is late. How much am I being charged per day?

Like many things in the UCB Library, this all depends on the item in question and on the borrowing policies of the library you checked it out from (some charge daily fees, some don't). Please see the Pay Fines page for details.

You can renew items online in OskiCat to avoid overdue charges. If your item is damaged or lost, a borrower may replace lost or damaged materials with copies acceptable to the lending library. Arrangements should be made with the lending library before a replacement is purchased. The Library offers advice on how to find replacements for lost library books and serials.

Replacement costs ($150 default/book or the actual cost of the item, which ever is higher) and processing fees are charged for overdue materials that are not returned. Unpaid bills are forwarded to a collection agency. Direct all questions about bills, and blocked or revoked privileges to the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, floor 1).

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