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Digital Lifecycle Expertise Group

About the group


By consulting on and developing information policy and processes, the Digital Lifecycle Expertise Group contributes to the success of how, through the Digital Lifecycle Program (DLP), the Library improves and expands scholars’ access to and use of current and historical resources by creating and preserving digital collections through widespread digitization and new access services. Group members will bring a variety of perspectives from their various disciplines and functional areas across the Library to inform, support, and advance goals and implementation of the DLP.


  • In coordination with the DLP Steering Committee and DLP Program Manager, deploying working groups comprised of expertise group members and others as needed to draft and/or provide consultation and expertise for DLP-related policies and process development.
  • Surfacing and suggesting prioritization of emerging policy and process development needs to be addressed to ensure success of the DLP.
  • Proposing content for digitization/digital conversion projects to be managed by the DLP.
  • Informing DLP activities with insights about current and emerging research and teaching needs such that DLP outcomes support new forms of scholarship and teaching.
  • Recommending opportunities to coordinate DLP activities with related, complementary Library and campus initiatives (such as the Data Initiatives Expertise Group and the Teaching and Learning Expertise Group), as well as opportunities to engage with systemwide or extra-UC network-level initiatives.
  • Informing and participating in DLP communications and outreach efforts both within and beyond the Library.

AUL liaisons

Salwa Ismail, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology (co-convener)
Elizabeth Dupuis, Senior Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives, User Services, and Strategic Projects and Director of Doe, Moffitt and the Subject Specialty Libraries (co-convener)


Lynn Cunningham, Art Librarian
Susan Edwards, Social Sciences Division Head
Lynne Grigsby, Library Information Technology
Christine Huhn, Head of Imaging Services
Michael Lange, Permissions and Access Officer
Jesse Loesberg, Web Designer, Library Communications
Julie Musson, Digital Collections Archivist, Bancroft Library
Susan Powell, GIS and Map Librarian
Brian Quigley, Engineering & Physical Sciences Division Head
Stacy Reardon, Literatures and Digital Humanities Librarian
Patrick Shannon, Google Books Project Lead
Abby Scheel, Arts & Humanities Division Head
Melissa Stoner, Native American Studies Librarian (affiliated libraries representative)
Gisele Tanasse, Film and Media Services Librarian
Hannah Tashjian, Head of Preservation
Susan Xue, Head of Public Services, East Asian Library

The committee’s charge, responsibilities, and roster may be revised after the Digital Lifecycle Program transitions to new leadership.