Re: [Videolib] Mass video reserve policies?

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Forgot to mention,
We do circulate legally acquired (no dubs), faculty-owned videos as a
service for faculty. The faculty member provides us however many copies s/he
desires (usually 3-5) and a copy of his/her current class roll(s) and we
check these out to the students to take home for 24-48 hours. If a student
loses one, we charge the same as we would for one of ours unless the faculty
member is willing to let the student purchase a used copy somewhere to
replace it. Not many faculty use this service, but a few summer faculty do.

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Yes, it's bad precedent to let them request reserves en masse just because
they _might_ need the films. Sounds like a knee-jerk rejection of open
stacks by the professor. Even if the class assignment was to pick any
Hitchcock film to write a paper on (which seems unlikely), the students
would most likely prefer being able to check out one of those 46 copies to
watch at home.

Different ways to handle...

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