[Videolib] Tampopo

From: <ruoccop@lislelibrary.org>
Date: Sat Aug 29 2009 - 14:36:37 PDT

I'm hoping the list can help me out again. Our film discussion group
would like to see and discuss the movie Tampopo this year, and as
best I can determine it, it doesn't look like it is covered by either
Movie Licensing USA or Movie Picture Licensing Corporation. I looked
it up in IMdb and the Production companies given are Itami
Productions and New Century Productions. Fox Loeber is the DVD
distributor in the U.S. Who would I approach about being able to show
it to our film club? Itami? New Century? Fox Loeber? Or someone
else?? I'd really appreciate someone's expertise on this -- we'd
really like to see it together. (Our discussion group has about 15


Patti Ruocco
Lisle Library District

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