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I came two years ago at the behest of Elnor Barron (Ambrose Video) and
Ursula. It was too good to pass up and I am a diehard fan now. I have
learned so much and met so many helpful people online and in person as a


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Dear Videolibbers,
Recently I received a letter from the Chair of the upcoming National
Media Market, Myles Jaeschke.
I was pleasantly surprised and emotionally moved to learn that Myles had
decided to attend his first NMM due to the friendly persistence of Penny
Northern, who so graciously represented my company for nine years.

Myles continued in his letter to point out how important one person can
be, "providing a positive influence that has made a dramatic impact over
the years since."

I want to voice my equal support of Myles' invitation to try to find a
way if you can to attend The National Media Market;
he is 100% correct, just as Penny was years ago, that nothing has a more
positive effect in the professional world than to be able to network
with people in person.
And in these days of drastic budget cuts, combined with the increase in
utilization of technologies that lack personal interaction,
the need for people to come together, to share their ideas, to voice
their opinions, to gather knowledge, and to bond professional
partnerships has never been greater.

When times are tough, people coming together to address the challenges
is always a positive decision.
So "Thank You, Myles" for that touching invitation; it reflects the best
of what The National Media Market is all about:
people coming together to share similar goals for the betterment of
others and their communities.

If you are considering attending, I hope this second invitation
convinces you, you should.
Who knows what positive impact your attending will have in years to

I look forward to seeing all who can be there.




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