Re: [Videolib] Home use prices vs. PPR prices & Help on Film Search

From: lorraine wochna <>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 11:42:40 PDT


I know what you mean. There are films out there that have home use
pricing/institutional pricing that I know will get home use, and it does
irk me at times that I have to pay institution price. Sometimes I have a
faculty ask (rarely) "what if I buy this and donate it to the collection".
Hey, go ahead, right? (they usually do not).

Here how I am solving it: I am a one woman WE HAVE FILMS WITH PPR THAT YOU
CAN USE ON CAMPUS, and in CLASSES!!!! I'm working on a LibGuide for the
express purchase of touting our PPR collection. Lots of students groups
could you these films for events (without charge, of course). So, I just
decided to educate myself, my fellow librarians, and as many folks as I can
about what it means to have the PPR, and what are the titles we have, how
they can be used in a variety of subject area too. My 2 cents.

EVERYONE: I'm looking for a copy of Godard's Numero Deux. Tried all the
usual suspects short of going to France. Any other ideas? (DVA, Facets,
Amazon, Alibris, original distributors). Thanks

Ohio U

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