Re: [Videolib] Looking to purchase nursing videos - $4, 000 to spend

From: Peter Walters <>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 07:17:50 PDT

Hello JB,


VEA Inc (Video Education America) has a number of nursing related and
Allied Health titles:


A tasting of our latest Nursing titles include:

* Basic Care Procedures: Showering and Bed Bathing

* Vital Signs: Assessment of a patient's health status

* Administrating Medication

* Emerging Diseases

* Effective Wound Management

* Aged Care Assessing Skin Conditions

* Aged Care: Working with Incontinence

* Aged Care: Preventing Falls in Aged Care

* Aged Care: Caring for the Frail and Immobile

* The Physics of Medical Imaging


Check our and/or download our latest Allied Health



VEA Inc (Video Education America)

Tel 1.866.727.0840


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Subject: [Videolib] Looking to purchase nursing videos - $4,000 to spend


I'm looking to purchase some nursing videos for various classes. Any
recommendations on where I could find a good selection?

Feel free to email me.



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