Re: [Videolib] Home use prices vs. PPR prices

From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 15:20:36 PDT

Good question Farhad.

I think pricing is something we all struggle with (libraries and vendors alike).

I certainly don't expect documentaries and educational titles to cost $20 like mass market feature films, but the less expensive a title, the more likely I am to buy it.
My annual budget for video purchases comes out to be $1.33 per student for materials averaging $200 to buy. (One class of 30 students = $39 purchasing power; $6.50 each to show $200 film once)

I can take a chance on a film that costs $100, even up to $200 is often okay. But once they get to be more than that, I have to consider the likelihood that someone will use the film in a class. At $300+ I'm extremely unlikely to buy unless a (tenured) prof is asking for it. One $400 film that doesn't circulate pains me because of the several less expensive other titles I could have bought with that money. (Hint: our video collection includes numerous titles from California Newsreel because of their huge discount when buying several titles at a time).

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