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Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 14:20:39 PDT

Dear Colleagues:

Alive Mind Education is proud to make available Meditate and Destroy
on DVD. Meditate and Destroy profiles bestselling author of Dharma
Punx and Against the Stream, Noah Levine and his journey from a life
of addiction and violence to that of dedicated meditation teacher and
community leader. This searing and unflinching documentary about
Buddhism, punk rock and redemption would be an idea resource for
students of religion and spirituality.

Read more about this film below. If you would like to preview or
order, please contact me at:


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Meditate and Destroy profiles the persona who quite possibly
represents America’s most unexpected Buddhist: former punk rocker and
juvenile delinquent Noah Levine, bestselling author of the book Dharma
Punx. As a teenager, Levine was mired in an abyss of violence, drug
and alcohol abuse – and criminal detention. When he hit bottom,
attempting suicide in juvenile jail in the late 80’s, Levine received
a phone call from his father who instructed him how to take baby steps
toward initiating meditation practice. Knowing that he either need to
die or to change, Levine tested meditation and felt a glimmer of
freedom from his intense suffering. Today, Levine is a respected
teacher and figure in what is perhaps the most unconventional Buddhist
community in the country: the “Dpunx Nation.” Staking claim to his
egalitarian urban vision, Levine states that “Buddhism is not just for
hippies anymore” as he reaches out to a new generation of youths who
are turning to meditation as they seek a departure from their lives of
drugs, violence and crime. In major cities throughout America, these
unlikely Buddhists find comfort – and affinity – in Levine’s
approach. Today, New York, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Seattle, San
Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boulder and Portland all host regular
Dharma Punx-inspired meditation groups that allow punks to develop
their own awareness on a deep level while retaining their edge and

Meditate and Destroy is the definitive documentary film about the
Dharma Punx nation, its roots and continued expansion in U.S. cities.

Year: 2007

Running Time: 81 minutes + DVD Extras

Subjects: Religion and Spirituality, Eastern Teachings & Thought

Educational Prices: (includes Public Performance Rights)

College / University: $249.00

Library / High School: $129.00

To learn more about this film, please visit www.alivemindeducation.com

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