[Videolib] A very badass copyright ruling

From: Jessica Rosner <maddux2014@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 10:35:28 PDT

A Federal court ruled Tuesday against RealNetworks which had developed
 software allowing consumers to make a copy of a DVD. I will post the link
below. The case involvedthe MPAA argument that since RealNeworks violated
the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to provide the service it was
illegal and that consumers had no right to make a back up copy.
The MPAA did not specifically object to someone making a back up something
they owned but said the technology allowed people to make multiple copies
and they could merely rent or borrow and then copy an item. I certainly find
the concept that you can't make even one copy of something you own for home
use a bit much but the reason this case matters is that many folks here have
to the SONY case as one in which courts allowed copying for the purpose of
home use via time shifting and then suggest that perhaps it would also cover
a class that wanted to digitize and stream
a whole film. What this ruling says is that even if the use was for personal
home use it violates the DMCA.

Here is the article

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