[Videolib] video browsing collection: LOC or "some other system"?

From: Maureen Tripp <Maureen_Tripp@emerson.edu>
Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 08:44:36 PDT

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions--so far, LOC is leading the pack--
Gary, I agree with you completely. I should clarify that this circulating collection only became possible because we received a generous gift from an alum. We took any DVDs from his collection that we already had in our "regular" media collection (soon to be rechristened the "teaching media collection") and that is the nucleus of this new circulating collection.
So . . . it is a curriculum-based collection. It just gives students the option of watching The Bicycle Thief (for example,) at home instead of inhouse here at the Library.
Thus, no faculty will be deprived as a result of this new collection!

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