Re: [Videolib] Input on this? ITunesU and VMR Media Migration

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Date: Thu Aug 06 2009 - 16:19:50 PDT

I think the fact that these can be downloaded (and, I assume, further shared) would be a real problem. I don't think something necessarily has to be streaming only to fall under TEACH, but there does need to be some mechanism to restrict the copyrighted content from uses that do not specifically meet the identified educational purpose. This could be some other sort of DRM. I don't know much at all about iTunesU, so I really can't comment any more than this.


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We don't put much up on iTunesU but what's up there has been cleared for release by the rights holder/speaker. I would think that distributing copyrighted material on iTunesU without permission would be a no-no even if authenticated only for specific classes. Same rules that would apply to a LMS, right?

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On Aug 3, 2009, at 6:30 AM, Susan Albrecht wrote:

Nobody wants to talk about this?? Kind of strange, given that this
is the same group that can generate 45 posts on a typical "Can I or
can't I?" question. ;)

Awww, come on, what's your institution's stand on iTunesU? Is it
enough to password protect and restrict access to course-enrolled
individuals? Or does download-ability mean iTunesU should be avoided?


At 09:14 AM 7/31/2009, you wrote:

I would be curious what comments any of you (particularly those of
you who work in an academic library or media setting) might make in
response to an announcement such as the following. Is it
appropriate? Overreacting? Dead wrong? Absolutely right on? Don't
want to respond because you're pleading the 5th? ;)

In review of our current copyright compliance policy regarding
digital audio and video files, we have decided to discontinue using
iTunesU for online access to copyright protected course
material. The issue with using iTunesU for students to access
copyright protected course media is it allows students to download
materials for viewing, rather than permitting access only to online
streamed content for a limited period of time. Since we have no
control over materials once they have been downloaded, several
independent organizations have advised that this violates the fair
use provision of the copyright law, even though materials are
restricted to students in the course.

In order to avoid these copyright issues, we will revert to
streaming course materials on our VMR site. I am currently in the
process of transferring all applicable media files for the fall
semester from iTunesU to VMR.

We will continue to use iTunesU to distribute the college's
original content.


Susan at Wabash College

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