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Dear Alive Mind Education Friends,

Fierce Light is now available on DVD!

Fierce Light reveals the power of what Alice Walker calls the 'Human
Sunrise,' what is possible when human beings, faced with a world in
crisis, rise to their absolute best. The film features such luminaries
as Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Alice
Walker; Buddhist peace-activist monk Thich Nhat Hanh; famed tree-
sitter Julia Butterfly Hill; Hollywood celebrity turned spiritual
activist Daryl Hannah; dharma punk, Noah Levine, and many more. Fierce
Light shows how small changes made by individuals have the power to
transform our world. When billions of people make small changes, this
results in enormous change. This exciting transformation begins in the
heart, when one person dares to care. Each and every person has a role
to play in this profound shift in consciousness, a shift from the
small 'me' to the great 'we.' This is the evolution of activism, and
the evolution of spirituality - a revolution of the heart.

To learn more about this film, please go to: http://www.alivemindeducation.com/films/films-e-f/fierce-light/fierce-light/

If you would like to exhibit this film at your institution, preview,
or order, please contact me at: elizabeth@lorberdigital.com or submit
a purchase order to Andi at:andi@lorberhtdigital.com

About the Film

Gandhi called it "Soul Force," Dr. King called it "Love in Action,"
and now, acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper is calling it "Fierce
Light." It is a universal power that radiates from every human heart,
undeniably hopeful, and full of possibility. It holds us to be
uncompromisingly nonviolent and drives us to the pentacle of our
spiritual excellence. Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action
chronicles Ripper's journey to document examples of this sacred beacon
that shines the brightest at the darkest and most dangerous times.
Haunted by the violent death of his friend and fellow media activist
Brad Will, who was shot to death in Oaxaca, Mexico while videotaping
protests against State Governor Ulises Ruiz, Ripper decided to travel
to the scene of the tragedy to finish what Brad began. There, Ripper
discovered an electrifying grass-root movement founded on the values
of peace and non-violence, but fiercely determined to create a new
world of justice, sustainability and global harmony. Spurred by this
refreshing find, Ripper embarked on an intercontinental quest to such
diverse locales as New Zealand, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and
North America in search of more stories of this growing movement.

 From Montgomery, Alabama, the epicenter of the American Civil Rights
Movement in the 1960s, to South Central Los Angeles, where poor
farmers desperately strove to save their farms from an urban
developer, to Robben Island, South Africa, where peace activist Nelson
Mandela and others were imprisoned during the Apartheid era, Ripper
realized that this "movement of movements" has swept the planet and
astutely captured this global ideological shift on film. Other
backdrops of significant spiritual activism highlighted in the
documentary include the Dalit community in Pradesh, India, where
Gandhi's legacy of fighting for the rights of the Untouchables is
still highly revered, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where Thich Nhat
Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk and peace activist who was exiled
from Vietnam 30 years ago finally returned home. After watching Fierce
Light, audiences can find hope in this mass movement founded on the
values of compassion, collaboration, and understanding and focuses on
what we are trying to accomplish, as opposed to what we are trying to

The film features Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Pulitzer Prize-winning
novelist Alice Walker, American Civil Rights Leader John Lewis,
Buddhist peace activist and monk Thich Nhat Hanh, actor turned
activist Daryl Hannah, and famed tree-sitter Julia Butterfly Hill.

Critic Reviews

"Five stars. A spiritual kaleidoscope of hope and Joy."
- Green Muze

"A marvelous film made with grace, heart and beauty."
- Joanna Macy

"This stunningly beautiful film will open new pathways for both
personal and planetary transformation."
- Starhawk

"Fierce Light is an experience of spiritual awakening."
- Alan Clements

"The most beautiful documentary I have ever seen!
It was one of these experiences that change you forever."
- Loneshewolf

"Beautiful, poetic, powerful and important. It almost never happens.
You finish watching a film and as the credits roll you think 'everyone
should see this film.' But everyone (and I mean everyone) should see
Fierce Light."
- FFWD Magazine, Calgary



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