[Videolib] Face To Face Fair Use

From: Allen Dohra <aldohra@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Aug 03 2009 - 09:15:31 PDT

I applaud the information that is shared on this list serve. The educational video industry has been my life's work. From what I have recently read here, those who contribute to this site see the importance and power of what we produce and distribute, and the need for copyright compliance. So, I write to this list for the first time to solicit all your support.


I work for Ambrose Video Publishing and recently returned to volunteer as President for AIME, an organization that I believe needs to be restructured and fully supported, if copyright compliance is going to have any meaning at all.


A major University, and I believe there are others, has taken the position that the "Face To Face" exemption and "Fair Use" provide them the authority for their digitization, digital copying, and dissemination through streaming, on their school's system, of the entire work of any legal copy of a video production owned by the University or brought to it by a faculty member. They have provided this position to AIME in answer to AIME's cease and desist demands. The position paper is available from AIME.


I would like to believe that everyone on this list serve would "rail" against this position, in the same way that Gary justifiably rails against "vendors" who take unsupported copyright positions. AIME needs your help. E-mail us at bettyge@mchsi.com and offer us your support. Go to www.AIME.org and fill out our online application form, as an institution or as a vendor. We at AIME are dedicated to protecting the intelectual property rights that should be important to us all. I believe our mission is at one with this list serve. We seek to provide copyright clarity through legal expertise. We also seek enforcement where necessary. We sure could use your help!

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