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From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Mon Aug 03 2009 - 08:40:26 PDT

We don’t define formats beyond “currently available” in our purchasing policy.

I see that you’re dealing with Cinema Studies. I’d recommend talking with those profs, who –imho- are the only ones who might legitimately need the higher resolution of Blu-Ray, and see what their opinions are.

When our film studies profs asked – in connection with a refurbishment of the auditorium they use – I told them that if they added a Blu-Ray player, I would be willing to purchase Blu-Ray for their classes.
But I explained that the DVDs wouldn’t be able to be used anywhere else on campus. (Campus classrooms all contain a DVD player and, thus far, a VCR).
And that the money for purchasing new titles and duplicate titles (of the films we already have on DVD) comes from the same account.
They agreed that they’d rather have the Library buy more new titles that everyone could make use of, so no Blu-Ray at this point.

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Subject: [Videolib] Blu-ray acquisitions in Academic libraries

 I would be very interested to know about policies with regard to acquiring blu-ray videos. So far I have not acquired any blu-ray titles but I do get occasional requests for the format. I can't see any particular reason for acquiring titles in the format and I am interested in what other libraries have chosen to do with regard to this format. Do people make note of format-specific policies in their collection development policies?

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