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You might be hard-pressed to call it a source of revenue. If you rent out
100 titles a day, you make $3
Having had the privilege of working with Barbara and the Princeton Public
Library as a vendor when Vide-O-Go first began operations at the Princeton
Forrestal Village, the Directors and staff always seem to work hard at
being on the leading edge of collection development.
While the "revenue stream" appears minimal, the cost savings on purchasing
new releases appears to be a primary positive motivator for the library.
And while us distributors may lament an additional competitor subjugating
our bottom line, if the presence of Redbox allows the library market to
reallocate acquisition funds towards more educational and "infotainment" type
media, it just may offer a win-win for both libraries and their patrons, as
well as those of us in the vendor/distribution arena who offer a full
selection of packaged media genres.

I'd offer Leslie Burger kudos for thinking outside the box, but there
appears to be a real bad pun in there somewhere!
Wishing you continued success...
Dean W. Stevens
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