Re: [Videolib] Public libraries with HBO series Deadwood?
9 Oct 2007 16:46:27 -0000

This sounds like "prejudicial labeling":

"The American Library Association
opposes labeling as a means of predisposing people's attitudes toward library
materials. . . . The prejudicial label is used to warn, discourage or prohibit
users or certain groups of users from accessing the material."

Mike in Dubuque


I am from a mid-sized public library in the Midwest. We have had

> Deadwood on our shelves for a couple of years without any kind of

negative comment. The title that has raised problems for us that is

> also
an HBO product is Angels in America. With the lovely picture of

> an angle
on the front it was a bit disconcerting to several of our

> older ladies
to find out that it is a "gay" film. We added the

> subtitle (from the play)
A Gay Fantasia on National Themes on the

> cover and slapped our handy-dandy
pink florescent sticker that reads

We have not had any more

> complaints. This pink sticker is added to many
of our HBO products

> for safety sake.
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