Policy for Removal of Web Pages from the Library Web

Approved by Library Administration, November 2007

This policy covers all Web pages and files available via the public and staff sides of the Library Web. The Library Web is the Library’s primary tool for communicating its services, resources, policies and programs to the UC Berkeley community, and the world at large. It is imperative that the information contained in Web pages is current and accurate.

To ensure content currency and accuracy, the Library Leadership Team has mandated that:

  • Web pages without a data owner and maintainer will be removed from the Library Web. A data owner is responsible for the content of a Web page. A maintainer is responsible for editing and publishing a Web page. This may be the same person.
  • Web pages that are significantly out of date or inaccurate will be removed from the Library Web. Data owners and/or maintainers will be notified and asked to update any page before it is removed.