Executive Committee Minutes 11/14/01

Minutes - Meeting No. 3 - 2001/2002

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

November 14, 2001
10:10 am - noon
303 Doe Library

Present: B. Anton (chair), M. Cochran, J. Gallwey, S. Koskinen, C. Lee (recorder), J. McKenzie, B. Ogden, B. Quigley, N. Robinson, M. Snow

Absent: M. Phillips

I. Announcements

  • J. Gallwey: The Affiliated Librarians Assembly will take place November 29, 8:30 - 10 AM, in the Goldberg Room at Boalt Hall. The speaker will be Tom Leonard.
  • N. Robinson: The LAUC-B conference was judged a success and received good evaluations. There were about 60 people in attendance. A written report and final budget are in process.
  • Action: Suggestions for future conference themes will be a discussion item for a future LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (J. McKenzie)

  • At the time of the meeting the campus financial system was down [afterwards it was reported that the LAUC-B treasury balance is $24,070.06]

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (B. Anton, M. Cochran)

  • The budget situation was discussed.

C. Senate Library Committee report (M. Cochran)

  • Guests were Beth Burnside, Vice Chancellor for Research, reporting on the work of the Compensation Advisory Committee, Tom Koster, Assistant Vice Chancellor-Capital Budget and Planning, discussing capital projects and space allocations on campus, and Randal Brandt, Water Resources Center Archive. Brandt was slated to talk about the relocation of the Water
    Resources Archives, an issue that has since been resolved.

  • The Senate Library Committee has been asked and agreed to include a guest from the Academic Senate Committee on Computing & Communications, but have not yet been informed of who this will be.

  • Paul Gray, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Beth Burnside, VC Research, Tom Leonard, UL, Jim Hyatt, Vice Chancellor-Budget and Finance and Chief Financial Officer, and Tony Newcomb, Professor and Chair, ACLC have each agreed to participate on the Senate Library Committee's proposed Library Strategic Planning Board and hope to meet the first week in December. Another member from the Library Committee and another member of the Library Administration will also attend. Beth Burnside was a guest at the meeting. She is co-chairing a Staff Infrastructure Committee, which is examining issues such as staff compensation. The Library may be the subject of a pilot project.

D. Candidate Lunches (N. Robinson)

  • Lunches with candidates for librarian positions continue to be both numerous and successful.

III. Continuing Action Items

A. Changes to LAUC-B Guidelines for Peer Review (B. Anton)

  • New documents have been added and changes have been made to the academic/librarian section of the LHRC web site.

B. T. Leonard's 12 July 01 message to LAUC-B on Librarian Reviews (B. Anton)

  • Executive Committee members discussed the successful November 9 peer review workshop, during which University Librarian Thomas Leonard responded to questions about his 12 July 01 message to LAUC-B members on Librarian Reviews. Among other things, Leonard emphasized the importance of 'citizenship,' which includes membership on LAUC-B committees.
  • Action: B. Anton will summarize T. Leonard's comments for the LAUC-B membership.

C. LAUC-B Fall Assembly planning (B. Anton, C. Lee)

  • The LAUC-B Fall Assembly is scheduled for November 15, 2001, 8:30-10 AM in the Morrison Library.
  • Action: The continued distribution at LAUC-B Assemblies of paper reports will be a future agenda item.

D. Librarians as Principal Investigators (M. Snow)

  • All LAUC divisions have been surveyed as to the ability of librarians to serve as principal investigators for grant-funded projects. The situation is the same: librarians must apply for "exceptional PI status." At UC Davis all non-Senate academics belong to the "Academic Alliance," which has asked for a blanket exemption to this rule for all Academic Alliance members. They expect a reply in writing by December or January. If the reply is favorable, LAUC-B Executive Committee will take steps to approach the UCB administration with a similar request.

IV. New Topics

A. Committee Assignments (B. Anton)

  • Opportunities still exist for participation in LAUC-B committees. A suggestion will be made to the Nominations and Elections committee that they issue a second call for volunteers, especially in light of T. Leonard's favorable comments regarding participation in LAUC-B committees.

B. Announcing "distinguished step" in CU News - discussion postponed.

C. LAUC-B laptop (C. Lee)

  • In addition to the CAPA laptop, a laptop exists for the use of LAUC-B members engaged in LAUC-B business. C. Lee distributed draft guidelines for the use of the laptop, last revision dated 11/29/99.
  • Action: The draft guidelines will be a future agenda item.

Next Executive Committee meeting: January 9, 2002 at 10:10 am - 12:00 noon in 303 Doe.

Next meeting: October 10, 2001, 10:10 am - 12 noon in 303 Doe Library.