2012 Spring Assembly

LAUC-B 2012 Fall Assembly

Morrison Library
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
8:30 am - 10:00 am


I. Call to order

  • LAUC-B Chair Nick Robinson called the Assembly to order.

II. Welcome by University Librarian Tom Leonard

  • It''s been a busy Spring at the Library, and it's important to recognize some of the exciting developments and accomplishments.
  • Dr. Lisbet Rausing, a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, recently gave the Una's Lecture (through the Townsend Center for the Humanities) on the topic of Open Access on April 9 followed by a panel discussion on April 10. The title of the talk was "Who Guards the Guardians? Professors, Publishing, and the Public," http://townsendcenter.berkeley.edu/una.shtml. Dr. Rausing was able to visit and tour the Library as well.
  • The April 2012 Orphan Works Symposium will be held on April 12-13, 2012 at the Claremont Hotel. Sponsored by UC Berkeley School of Law. http://www.law.berkeley.edu/orphanworks.htm
  • Thank you to librarians and library staff who are actively participating and contributing to the Re-Envisioning Library Services Initiative.
  • On March 21, 2012, the Doe Library celebrated its centennial with an open house including music, cupcakes, tours, exhibits, and notable speakers, http://doe100.berkeley.edu/. More than 1000 pens were dispensed, and 1900 cupcakes were served (at a rate of 21 cupcakes per minute).

III. Announcing New and Retiring LAUC-B members (N. Robinson)

  • Welcome to new LAUC-B members Cody Hennessy, Lara Michels, Margo Padilla, and Mario Ramirez -- and a fond goodbye and thanks to Beth Weil who recently retired.

IV. LAUC-B Elections: announcement of 2012-2013 slate of candidates and call for nominations (J. Eason)

  • LAUC Statewide candidates (Nominations open until April 20.)
    • Secretary
      • Angela Boyd, LAUC-SB
      • Kymberly Goodson, LAUC-SD
      • Dana Peterman, LAUC-I
    • Vice-President/President-Elect
      • Nick Robinson, LAUC-B
  • LAUC-B Executive Committee candidates
    • Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
      • Jean Dickinson
      • Lynn Jones
    • Secretary
      • Shayee Khanaka
      • Teresa Mora
    • Library Representatives (2 positions)
      • Jim Ronningen
      • Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz
      • Hilary Schiraldi
    • Affiliated Library Representative
      • Jason Miller
  • A call was made, with no further nominations received from the floor.  Nomination period closed.
  • Elections will be online, starting May 14. Final voting day: June 1.

V. LAUC-B Committee Reports

A. CAPA Chairs Report (R. Evans)

  • CAPA is meeting weekly to review a total of 31 cases. The ad hoc committees have completed their work.
  • Since November CAPA has reviewed announcements for three positions:
    • Training and Processing Archivist - Bancroft
    • Instruction/ Reference Librarian - Public Health
    • Goldman Fund Processing Archivist - Bancroft
  • CAPA interviews all candidates for positions in the Librarian series to evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley and to share information related to the Librarian review process. Since November CAPA has conducted the following interviews:
    • Digital Project Archivist - four candidates
    • E-Learning Librarian - three candidates
    • Librarian for Japanese Collections - four candidates
    • Slavic and East European Studies Librarian - three candidates
    • Legal Research Librarian - two candidates

B. Executive Committee Chair's Report (N. Robinson)

  • Susan Koskinen is chairing the Distinguished Librarian Award Committee. Nominations for award recipients are open through June 1, 2012. Details at: /dla/distinguished-librarian-award
  • Thank you for participating in the 2012 LAUC-B Retention survey. We had a good response rate. The raw results have been distributed. Further analyses and a formal report are forthcoming.
  • The Statewide LAUC Assembly will be held on May 10, 2012, at the UCSC Extension Center in Santa Clara.
  • The Committee on Research plans to host a discussion on research interests and methodology to be held in the Spring.
  • When the Re-Envisioning Library Services Initiative's final recommendations are shared for review by campus stakeholders (approximately mid-April), the Executive Committee will hold an open forum for LAUC-B members to discuss the recommendations. Afterwards, member comments will be compiled and a formal LAUC-B response will be prepared for Library Administration.
  • The Committee on Professional Development is organizing a panel discussion on the librarian skills needed for the future. This will be an opportunity for exploring the future landscape of academic libraries and how librarians may prepare for it. The event is scheduled for June 4, 2012, from 9-11am, at The Magnes (2121 Allston Way). Panelists will include: Thomas Leonard, University Librarian, UC Berkeley Library; Laine Farley, Executive Director, California Digital Library; Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information; and Denise Stephens, University Librarian, UC Santa Barbara Library.
  • The LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee 2013 will be co-chaired by Chris Tarr and Jennifer Nelson. The conference theme will be assessment. LAUC-B members are encouraged to volunteer for this committee.

VI. Featured Speaker: Margaretta Lovell, Jay D. McEvoy Professor of the History of Art, Chair of the Library and Information Technology Committee, Academic Senate (http://arthistory.berkeley.edu/Faculty_Lovell.html)

  • Tom welcomed Professor Lovell and thanked her for speaking with LAUC-B members.
  • Professor Lovell gave a briefing on the 2011-12 activities of the Library and Information Technology (LIT) Committee. She discussed recent efforts in IT software and hardware developments in the context of Operational Excellence and the examination of open access models at other institutions and models for Berkeley.
  • Professor Lovell encouraged LAUC-B members to raise library issues for discussion in LIT. Please feel free to stop by her office (in Doe Library) or send an email.
  • The central portion of Professor Lovell's talk focused on the theme of "in defense of libraries, of books, and of librarians." Several of her sub-themes and points were:
    • Libraries are more than a haven for scholars who seek a quiet, warm, and welcoming place to study; they are centrally about their collections, physical and digital.
    • The tendency in the community to believe in the sufficiency of online resources can lead to libraries being taken for granted. We need to recognize the library staff, their collection development efforts, their administrative efforts and their support of scholarship through the provision of high quality scholarly resources and reference/research assistance. There is a risk that cuts to library resources and programs are tied to these erroneous perceptions.
    • Because of the importance of library support for scholarship, it is critical to fund the library even while our community is facing cuts. The library is an important resource that is central to the knowledge production at Berkeley. Nearly the entire UC Berkeley Community has experience with the library and relies on it.
    • It is important to advocate for libraries based on their role in supporting student and faculty research and learning. This is increasingly important as the student population increases and academic programs expand. While providing space, books, expertise, and digital access to knowledge are expensive, they are important investments at the core of the University's mission. Given the growing complexity of the information environment, librarians and library resources are even more important than ever.
    • She also commented on how much the undergraduates like the libraries. They are comfortable in and defensive of these spaces; it is no surprise that much of their Occupy efforts this year have involved library issues and spaces.
    • Last, she reminded the group that while the university suffers from ever-tightening austerity cuts, there are, in fact, campus resources available--including $10-13 M a year that currently subsidizes the sports entertainment wing that could and should support the institution's central mission in the form of more workable budgets for the Libraries.