Minutes: Public Service Task Force September 10, 1998 Meeting Minutes (meeting #4)

Present: Phyllis Bischof (co-chair), Nensi Brailo, Alison Brandt, Agnes Concepcion (recorder), Corliss Lee (co-chair), Rick Love, Chris Tarr, Roy Tennant, Bill Whitson.

New members: Lissa Bell (graduate representative) & Sarah Han (undergraduate representative).

Guest: Diane Fortner.

1a. RUSA conference program: Serving Users in the New Millenium. Penny Abell is willing to support attendance of several PSTF members [note: Nensi Brailo, Deborah Sommer and Phoebe Janes are attending for the PSTF; Pat Maughan is also attending.]

1b. Roy Tennant commented that it is possible to collect staff or patron input via the web, either with names attached or anonymously.

1c. Corliss: Gail Ford directed our attention to statistics on users on the library web site at www.lib.berkeley.edu/AboutLibrary/Staff/ASM/stat9697.html In addition, GLADIS can provide some information on patron types, circulation activity, etc.

1d. Corliss and Phyllis met with Barclay Ogden, chair of the Organizational Learning Study Group (OLSG) Organizational Learning was developed by industry and provides a theoretical model for engaging and empowering staff in large organizations. It is a management philosophy which identifies common values and emphasizes staff participation in the decisionmaking process. OLSG and PSTF groups will stay in contact and work together.

1e. Corliss and Phyllis have met w/ Katherine Mitchell, a campus facilitator. Mitchell will work with us as a committee, help us maximize our time.

1f. Corliss and Phyllis met with Bernie Hurley, Ralph Moon and Roy Tennant about the upcoming Digital Library planning effort. Since Digital Library planning will be end-user focused it was agreed that the (not yet formed) Digital Library planning steering committee and the PSTF would stay in close communication. It may be that the work of the PSTF could be used by the Digital Library planning group in setting priorities.

2. Corliss and Phyllis met w/ Penny Abell and Katherine Mitchell. They suggested that the PSTF review previous reports (Blue Ribbon Committee, '93 Strategic Planning, etc.), summarize the recommendations relating to public service and analyze which have been accomplished and which might still need to be done. PSTF members agreed that reviewing the reports would be productive but did not want to lose sight of our intention to work through public service issues from a user's perspective.

PSTF members agreed to review the following reports and come to the meeting on September 24th with brief written summaries of the recommendations relating to public service:

Undergraduate Services Task Force (Nensi Brailo)
Blue Ribbon Committee Report (Chris Tarr)
Response to BRC report - Senate Library Committee (Bill Whitson)
External Advisors to BRC report - Roy Tennant
1993 Strategic Planning Report on Research Services (Agnes)

PSTF members also agreed with the suggestion that we not restrict our work to the Fall semester but expand the time frame to include the Spring. P. Abell advised PSTF to assume that any new University Librarian would find our work very useful. The process is an important one and should not be rushed.

3. Discussion on speakers for the fall. One possible event: panel of users (faculty, graduate, undergraduate). PSTF agreed by e-mail to co-sponsor a talk by Regina Minudri, Acting Head of San Francisco Public Libary, with the LAUC-B Research and Professional Develpment Committee. Other potential speakers and topics were discussed.